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“Ca$h Cab” 3/2/11

G1: Julia (13th & Broadway)(BtG: 33)

DR: Nancy & Jen (The Spotted Pig)(BtG: 49)

#1: Hirudo therapy involves the medical use of what bloodthirsty worms?
#2: Acc. to one theory, what arachnophobic nursery rhyme character alluded to Mary, Queen of Scots & her fear of reform?
Little Miss Muffet
#3: To further contract his contractions, George Bernard Shaw often avoided the use of what punctuation mark?
? (A: ‘)
#4: Nicknamed “Mr. Las Vegas”, what singer has upset some German speakers because of his pronunciation of the phrase “Danke Schoen”?
Wayne Newton

#1: What variety of whiskey must be made of a mixture that’s at least 51% corn?
#2: What term does the NWS define as wind clocked at 39-54 mph?
#3: The Washington Times was founded by what controversial Korean reverend?
Reverend Kim (A: Sun Myung Moon)
#4: From the French for “pinkish”, what variety of wine can be made from a process known as bleeding the vats?

Sole $400 Q: Often set to a Latin beat, what trademarked fitness program urges you to “Ditch the workout, join the party”?
FA: ZUMBA ($1300)

G3: Eric & Kevin (13th & Washington)(BtG: 40)

#1: What sweet cracker was once believed to suppress the carnal urges of man?
#2: What U.S. Bureau hired an extra 700K employees between 2008-10?
Army (A: Census)
#3: General Schwarzkopf earned what rhyming nickname during the Gulf War?
MSO: Steve
“Stormin’ Norman”
#4: Using a technique called circular breathing, what famed smooth jazz saxophonist held a note for 45 min. in 1997?
Kenny G

#1: Also a faux pas at the salsa bowl, what type of recession features a period of recovery followed by more decline?
Double dip
#2: Processing t-bones by the ton, what city’s Union Stockyards accounted for 80% of our nation’s meat in 1900?
#3: Adopted by the Navy in 1939, what nonskid shoe created by Paul Sperry remains a staple of preppy fashion?
#4: On the world stage, the Iroquois compete as an independent nation in what traditional Native American sport?
Boating/yachting (A: Lacrosse)

Sole $200 Q: In 2010, a newly-discovered film revealed Charlie Chaplin as a member of what bumbling silent-movie police force?
Keystone Kops

VB: Six times the size of Hoover Dam, this Yangtze River structure has generated more than its share of controversy. Alluding to a trio of nearby canyons, what’s the name of this imposing Chinese dam?
FA: Yangtze (A: Three Gorges)


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