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“Ca$h Cab” 3/1/11

G1: Maria & Marley (14th & 3rd)(BtG: 38)

#1: What slimy gastropod can eat up to several times its own body weight each day?
#2: One of the most requested photos of the National Archives featured what President shaking hands w/ Muttonchops-era Elvis?
#3: Known as Mehmet to his friends, what Oprah-anointed health guru landed his own talk show in ’09?
Dr. Oz
#4: In 2010 what isolated nation allegedly hired thousands of Chinese to act as fans at the World Cup?
North Korea

#1: What CA prison did Charles Manson call home for much of the 1980s?
OTHER S-O: Maria’s brother John
San Quentin
#2: A ’10 commercial for AT&T ran a disclaimer denying ties w/ what artist?
Dali (A: Christo)
RLC: Acc. to askmen.com, the 10 most esteemed martial arts include Ninjutsu & Muay Thai- name five of the other eight.
Jiu-Jitsu, Judo, Karate, Taekwondo & Kung Fu (Others: Krav Maga & Aikido)
#3: Also called “Pilot Shades”, what variety of Ray-Bans were famously worn by General MacArthur during WWII?
#4: What became the official candy bar of MLB in ’06?
Baby Ruth

#1: A flatbread made from the lovegrass plant, Injera is a spongy staple of what African country’s cuisine?
Morocco (A: Ethiopia)
FQ: Once the apex of the Aztec empire, what Latin-American metropolis is sinking 10in per yr.?
FA: Mexico City ($950)

G2: Bruce & Neil (Sylvia’s on 126th & Lenox)(BtG: 45)
LOST $650

G3: Jeremy, Cody, Garrett & Becky (Pop Burger on 9th & 14th)(BtG: 48)

#1: Featuring a money lender named Shylock, what Shakespeare play was used as anti-semitic propaganda by the Nazis?
“The Merchant of Venice”
RLC: In 2010 the esteemed Siena Research Institute ranked the 10 greatest U.S. Presidents of all-time- name eight of these elite leaders.
Washington, Jefferson, Madison, Monroe, Lincoln, both Roosevelts & Truman
#2: The financial abbrev. RoI is short for what?
Return on investment
#3: Famously dubbed a cultural chernobyl, what famous French attraction gets about as many visitors as The Louvre & the Eiffel Tower combined?
Euro Disney
#4: Created by Ontario chemist John McLaughlin, what soda brand served as a mixer for bathtub gin during Prohibition?
Canada Dry

Sole $200 Q: Immersed in multiple murky scandals, what private military contractor changed its name to XE in 2009?
FA: Blackwater ($1050)


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