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FF: Martha Hayes, Chadwitz Spearman, Voncia Mitchell & Sean Daley
IUFB #1: bumpboxx pkg. (A at SS)


Sean will play Cliff-Surfers (w/ beach-themed music being played instead of the yodeling music) for the CRESSI SCUBA gear, a Monster Digital action camera/VR pkg. & a trip to St. James’s Club ANTIGUA- this pkg. totals $12,467 (J).
Travel pillow: $25- 1 ($24)
S’well bottle: $18- 18
Hot Tools travel ionic hairdryer: $54- BROKE

5. Kasie Blanchette
IUFB #2: Beach volleyball pkg. (all at #3)

Martha: 1250/Chadwitz: 650/Voncia: 901/KASIE: 900

Total: $1,…489- Martha plays One Sarong Price.
KYMCO Like200i (A): $3590- W ($2499)
COACH acc. (both)
SOLE SR500 rower: $1.5K

6. James Wyshywaniuk
IUFB #3: Apple iPhone7 (ceiling)

JAMES: 622/Chadwitz: 795/Voncia: 850/Kasie: 851

James will enjoy some Sun in the maZDa Miata (Std., AKE, AT, Mats, Prot)(R & J) by purchasing that in L$, which today’s being played w/ a bucket of sand dollars.
2nd: 4- $4 LEFT (7)
3rd: 8- BULLSEYE
4th: 7- $3 LEFT (6)
5th: 5- W (3)

SCSD #1:
Sean ($1,278): 20 X3
Martha ($8,538): .9
James ($28,612): 70 + 30 = $1K (BS: .2)

7. Alexandra Jachno
IUFB #4: Bamboo tiki bar + Margaritaville (J at RS)

ALEXANDRA: 1350/Chadwitz: 1780/Voncia: 1250/Kasie: 1600

Its total in price: $1,…310- Voncia plays It’s in the Beach BAG.

$1K ($18.99): XYZAL
$2K ($1.29): Pepperidge Farm Goldfish (2.5oz bag)
$4K ($7.69): Kauai ground coffeeBAILS
$8K ($2.49): Mariani Island Fruits
$16K ($3.99): Eight Western Hearth Hawaiian sandwich buns (she had ’em all right, but switched the last two)
OoP: Tillamook Tillamookies (four mint chocolate chip ice cream sandwiches)

8. Monisha Greer
IUFB #5: HELEN FICALORA necklace (R in CR)

Alexandra: 751/Chadwitz: 752/MONISHA: 655/Kasie: 750

Chadwitz automatically wins & plays Slide by Slide for 9pc AIRHEADS towables + 2pc goggles & the SEA-DOO 2up (J).
G (79 on top): 7957

FINAL CALLDOWN: Keith Langabee
FINAL IUFB: SAMSUNG 55″ 4K HDTV + SONY blu-ray pkg. (A in Clam)

Alexandra: 2201/KEITH: 1700/Monisha: 1895/Kasie: 2200

ARP: $2,…000 on the head- Monisha plays Beach Cover up for the Hyundai Accent HB (Std., Guards, Prot, Mats, FAK)(R).


CBP: $25,781

T1: $ (1)(7)(9)(3)(0)
T2: $ (1)(7)(6)(3)(9)
FA: $ (1)(7)(8)(3)(9)W

SCSD #2:
Voncia ($5,318): 40 + 85
Chadwitz ($9,422): 15 + H-D = .65
Monisha ($19,839): QUARTER + 30 = .55

In front- Trips to Diamante Cabo San Lucas & Beacon Hotel (R)
I- Mitsubishi Mirage HB (A)


#1- Flexsteel office + 27″ iMac & 3D printer (A)
#3- Isle surfboards & trip to Radisson BLU Hotel Waterfront (J)


EVERYBODY SENT PACKING & OFF TO DOB CITY (Chadwitz: $20,510/James: $29,431)

Final notes:
-Given Chadwitz won SCSD #2 w/ just .65, we almost had our 2nd-ever DOB in a Car Bowl SC Rd.
-The Miata prices for the SC Rd. in ’17 should now be $25,880, $25,970 & $26,383.


Comments on: "“The Price is Right” 6/20/17" (6)

  1. Ismael Gomez said:

    Ay Que Mala Suerte Que Perdio. We got a double overbid. I’m sure that Michael Taylor won’t declare James a technical win for having a small overbid.
    Grade: C-

  2. Uh-oh, we got a Double Over. Great Show with Both Car games won among 4 games won. We ended the Show with a Double Over, sorry about that.

    My rating: 7

  3. Charles Shen said:

    Should offer Hyundai Tucson or Jeep Wrangler instead of Mirage or in addition to trip in 2nd showcase. Also, haven’t see cars in both showcases this week yet.

  4. Mimi Won A Car said:

    Thank you Bobby for sharing this!!! I am the actual car winner in the last game played on this episode!!!!!! It was a BLAST!!!! I am so humbled and happy! I still can’t believe it! The TV is wonderful and I should have my car this month! The Price Is Right Rocks!!!!!

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