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FF: Martha Hayes, Chadwitz Spearman, Voncia Mitchell & Sean Daley
IUFB #1: bumpboxx pkg. (A at SS)


Sean will play Cliff-Surfers (w/ beach-themed music being played instead of the yodeling music) for the CRESSI SCUBA gear, a Monster Digital action camera/VR pkg. & a trip to St. James’s Club ANTIGUA- this pkg. totals $12,467 (J).
Travel pillow: $25- 1 ($24)
S’well bottle: $18- 18
Hot Tools travel ionic hairdryer: $54- BROKE

5. Kasie Blanchette
IUFB #2: Beach volleyball pkg. (all at #3)

Martha: 1250/Chadwitz: 650/Voncia: 901/KASIE: 900

Total: $1,…489- Martha plays One Sarong Price.
KYMCO Like200i (A): $3590- W ($2499)
COACH acc. (both)
SOLE SR500 rower: $1.5K

6. James Wyshywaniuk
IUFB #3: Apple iPhone7 (ceiling)

JAMES: 622/Chadwitz: 795/Voncia: 850/Kasie: 851

James will enjoy some Sun in the maZDa Miata (Std., AKE, AT, Mats, Prot)(R & J) by purchasing that in L$, which today’s being played w/ a bucket of sand dollars.
2nd: 4- $4 LEFT (7)
3rd: 8- BULLSEYE
4th: 7- $3 LEFT (6)
5th: 5- W (3)

SCSD #1:
Sean ($1,278): 20 X3
Martha ($8,538): .9
James ($28,612): 70 + 30 = $1K (BS: .2)

7. Alexandra Jachno
IUFB #4: Bamboo tiki bar + Margaritaville (J at RS)

ALEXANDRA: 1350/Chadwitz: 1780/Voncia: 1250/Kasie: 1600

Its total in price: $1,…310- Voncia plays It’s in the Beach BAG.

$1K ($18.99): XYZAL
$2K ($1.29): Pepperidge Farm Goldfish (2.5oz bag)
$4K ($7.69): Kauai ground coffeeBAILS
$8K ($2.49): Mariani Island Fruits
$16K ($3.99): Eight Western Hearth Hawaiian sandwich buns (she had ’em all right, but switched the last two)
OoP: Tillamook Tillamookies (four mint chocolate chip ice cream sandwiches)

8. Monisha Greer
IUFB #5: HELEN FICALORA necklace (R in CR)

Alexandra: 751/Chadwitz: 752/MONISHA: 655/Kasie: 750

Chadwitz automatically wins & plays Slide by Slide for 9pc AIRHEADS towables + 2pc goggles & the SEA-DOO 2up (J).
G (79 on top): 7957

FINAL CALLDOWN: Keith Langabee
FINAL IUFB: SAMSUNG 55″ 4K HDTV + SONY blu-ray pkg. (A in Clam)

Alexandra: 2201/KEITH: 1700/Monisha: 1895/Kasie: 2200

ARP: $2,…000 on the head- Monisha plays Beach Cover up for the Hyundai Accent HB (Std., Guards, Prot, Mats, FAK)(R).


CBP: $25,781

T1: $ (1)(7)(9)(3)(0)
T2: $ (1)(7)(6)(3)(9)
FA: $ (1)(7)(8)(3)(9)W

SCSD #2:
Voncia ($5,318): 40 + 85
Chadwitz ($9,422): 15 + H-D = .65
Monisha ($19,839): QUARTER + 30 = .55

In front- Trips to Diamante Cabo San Lucas & Beacon Hotel (R)
I- Mitsubishi Mirage HB (A)


#1- Flexsteel office + 27″ iMac & 3D printer (A)
#3- Isle surfboards & trip to Radisson BLU Hotel Waterfront (J)


EVERYBODY SENT PACKING & OFF TO DOB CITY (Chadwitz: $20,510/James: $29,431)

Final notes:
-Given Chadwitz won SCSD #2 w/ just .65, we almost had our 2nd-ever DOB in a Car Bowl SC Rd.
-The Miata prices for the SC Rd. in ’17 should now be $25,880, $25,970 & $26,383.


Comments on: "“The Price is Right” 6/20/17" (5)

  1. Ismael Gomez said:

    Ay Que Mala Suerte Que Perdio. We got a double overbid. I’m sure that Michael Taylor won’t declare James a technical win for having a small overbid.
    Grade: C-

  2. Uh-oh, we got a Double Over. Great Show with Both Car games won among 4 games won. We ended the Show with a Double Over, sorry about that.

    My rating: 7

  3. Charles Shen said:

    Should offer Hyundai Tucson or Jeep Wrangler instead of Mirage or in addition to trip in 2nd showcase. Also, haven’t see cars in both showcases this week yet.

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