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OR: FS/TT/Spinning Bridge/Sky Hooks/Pipefitter/WW

#1: Daniel G. (1:43.24)
#2: Thomas Stillings (1:45.76)
#3: Josh Salinas (ninja coach in HOU)(2:10.29)
#4: Brian B. (2:20.61)
#5: Karsten (2:23.29)
#6: Nicholas (2:33.21)
#7: Kevin Klein (2:55.51)
#8: Grant C. (2:56.63)
#9: Jody Avila (6’6″ HVAC tech. in Sugarland)(3:02.59)
#10: Andrew Lowes (3:10.98)
#11: Brent (3:20.38)
#12: Victor Juarez (engineering  student)(3:23.68)
#13: Abel (4:12.63)
#14: Jonathan Horton (former Olympic gymnast in Cypress, TX)(4:27.28)
#15: Tanr Ross (swimming pool designer)(4:35.91)
#16: Jonathan Parr (4:39.09)
#17: Will Smithee (orthopedic assistant)(stopped by Pipefitter at 1:31.49)
#18: Kye Ackel (stopped by Pipefitter at 1:32.05)
#19: David Yarter (stopped by Pipefitter at 1:34.29)
#20: Cass Clawson (P.E. teacher)(stopped by Pipefitter at 1:42.71)
#21: Kenny Niemtalo (construction worker in Trinity, NC who competed in ATL last yr.)(stopped by Pipefitter at 1:43.57)
#22: Nate Burkhalter (stopped by Pipefitter at 1:47.51)
#23: Blake Devine (electrician apprentice in New Orleans)(stopped by Pipefitter at 1:47.79)
#24: Brandon P. (barback)(stopped by Pipefitter at 1:50.86)
#25: Matt Holt (stopped by Pipefitter at 1:50.9)
#26: Damir Okanovic (nail salon mgr. in Austin)(stopped by Pipefitter at 1:52.29)
#27: Tremayne (stopped by Pipefitter at 2:01.47)
#28: Sam Ballard (warehouse mgr. in Bartlesville, OK)(stopped by Pipefitter at 2:13.9)
#29: Jared Bandy (power plant operator)(stopped by Pipefitter at 2:28.24)
#30: Barclay (gymnastics coach in Dayton, TX)(stopped by Pipefitter at 3:29.71)

Other Members of Top Five Females:
#2: Kacy (stopped at SH at 1:52.88)
#3: Sherrie Laureano (flight eng.)(stopped at SB at 1:14.24)
#4: Kaiti Haymaker (engineering student)(stopped at SB at 1:20.76)
#5: Brittany Hanks (lab tech)(stopped at TT at 16.65)


Comments on: "“American Ninja Warrior” 6/19/17" (2)

  1. bencalebrod said:

    You should also include the top 5 women as they also make it to the city finals this season

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