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Teams for SC #3:
GT: Addie, Jason, Cao, Amy & Matthew
RT: Cory, Rusty, Trace, David & Suzanne
GJ: Tyler

Appetizers (Jungle):
Rusty: Sweet potato gratin
Addie: Skirt steak w/ mango salsa

Seafood (Beach):
Amy: Garlic butter prawns
Cory: Ahi tuna crudo

Pasta (Forest):
Cao: Chicken pho
Trace: Truffle penne

Meat (Desert):
David: Duck w/ cauliflower puree
Matthew: Lamb w/ cumin carrots

Dessert (Mountains):
Jason: Berry compote
Suzanne: Baklava

TOP THREE- Amy, David & Jason
L- Suzanne (Also on Bottom: Cao & Trace)


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