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“Ca$h Cab” 2/23/11

DR: Joan & Susan (B&H Photo)(BtG: 38)

#1: In a sad coincidence, the doomed Deepwater Horizon oil rig sank on the 40th anniversary of what April eco-holiday?
Earth Day
#2: Though the recipe comes from Austria, what sweet pastry’s named for a Scandinavian country 500 miles to the north?
#3: In 1998 Senator Harry Reid proposed removing what former director’s name from the FBI headquarters?
J. Edgar Hoover
#4: What variety of whale experiences growth spurts of up to 200lb a day?
MSO: J.R. Havlin (Susan’s nephew)

#1: W/ over 300M tiny sacs called alveoli, what human organ has the surface area of about half a tennis court?
#2: Acc. to a GAO report, what celebrated missile system took out only 9% of incoming scuds in the 1991 Gulf War?
X (A: Patriot Missile System)
#3: What monarch of Monaco demanded a $2M dowry before marrying actress Grace Kelly?
Prince Rainier
FQ: Named for the first six letters in the top row, what standard keyboard layout has been criticized for favoring the left hand?

G2: Amy & Jim (Hudson Hotel on 58th & 9th)(BtG: 47)

G3: Jen, Karen, Jessica & Josh (West Broadway & North Moore)(BtG: 49)

#1: In a 2010 article The New York Times noted that facebook had turned what common noun into a verb?
#2: To avoid stepping on stingers, residents of the southwest use black lights to search for what glow-in-the-dark arachnids?
Tarantulas (A: Scorpions)
RLC: Of Ski Magazine‘s top resorts for 2010, seven of the top 15 are in CO- name four of these seven Rocky Mountain destinations.
Aspen, VailX (Not said: Beaver Creek, Snowmass, Steamboat, Telluride & Breckenridge)
#3: Founded by its namesake in 1887, what rival of Conde Nast publishes Seventeen, Esquire & O?
#4: Composed by John Philip Sousa in 1896, what ode to the American flag’s the official national march of the U.S.?
“The Pledge of Allegiance”

#1: Acc. to Guns Magazine, America’s most popular police pistol’s made by what Austrian firearms co.?
MSO: Mike
FQ: A neighbor of St. Maarten, what exclusive Caribbean island’s named for the little brother of Christopher Columbus?
FA: St. Barts ($800)


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