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“Ca$h Cab” 2/22/11

G1: Jason & Shannon (28th & Lex)(BtG: 35)

#1: A haven for hardcore “Trekkies”, the Canadian town of Vulcan logically honored what actor w/ his own parade in ’10?
William Shatner (A: Leonard Nimoy)
#2: Meaning “goddess of the sky”, Sagarmatha is the Nepalese name for what towering Himalayan mountain?
#3: Written by John Heywood, a 1546 book of proverbs spread the notion that The Moon’s made from what colorful dairy product?
Green cheese
#4: Introduced to the Summer Olympics in 2000, what spring-loaded sport was originally known as Rebound Tumbling?

#1: Acc. to an OED study, what Viennese ballroom dance was once considered riotous & indecent?
#2: The zygomatic bones are more commonly known as what?
#3: The limbless larvae of a frog, what synonym for “tadpole” is derived from Middle English words meaning “wiggle” & “head”?
RLC: Acc. to the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists, nine nations have established nuclear weapons programs as of 2010- name seven.
U.S., Pakistan, China, North Korea, U.K., Israel & Pakistan (Others: India & France)
#4: Lending its name to America’s 1st national park, what river was dubbed “Roche Jaune” by French-Canadian trappers?

#1: Meaning “musical instrument” in Hebrew, what traditional Jewish music has its roots in devotional synagogue music?
#2: Acc. to legend, what colorful synonym for “aristocrat” alludes to the visible veins of pale Spanish nobility?
Blue blood
FQ: CLR is a popular brand of household cleaner. What three staining agents are represented in its name?
FA: Rust, lime & calcium ($1400)

G2: Emma, Caroline, Joan & Dave Bretthauer (10th & 45th)(BtG: 45)

G3: Sean, Neeta, Noreen & Shane (66th & Broadway)(BtG: 31)

#1: A staple of Scandinavian vendors, what alcoholic spirit’s name comes from a Latin phrase meaning “water of life”?
Vodka (A: Aquavit)
#2: In a famous series of viral videos, the Gregory Brothers manipulated the voices of pundits & politicos using what pitch-correction software?
FQ: Referring to the balanced distribution of body parts, what biological characteristic’s classified as radial or bilateral?
MSO: Valerie (Sean’s coworker)
Vertebrae (A: Symmetry)

VB: Famously spared during WWII, this old-school Japanese city’s home to 1600 Buddhist temples, five Geisha districts & the headquarters of Nintendo. What’s the name of this former Imperial capital?
FA: Kyoto


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