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“Ca$h Cab” 2/18/11

G1: Mike & Laura (Island Burgers & Shakes on 51st & 9th)(BtG: 43)

#1: Including a surplus of stray dogs, Bucharesters are the inhabitants of what country’s capital city?
#2: Introduced in ’01, what alternative to .com & .org was initially reserved for commerce only?
.net (A: .biz)
#3: Inspiring the TV call letters WGN, “World’s Greatest Newspaper” was the longtime slogan of what Midwestern publication?
Chicago Tribune
#4: A staple of southern low-country cuisine, cooter soup features what type of reptile as its protein?

#1: Chronicling the living dead since 1968, what filmmaker has been described as the world’s foremost zombie auteur?
(George) Romero
#2: Named for a Confederate General, what TX Army base is large enough to train two armored divisions?
Ft. Bragg (A: Ft. Hood)
#3: A quick boat ride from Hong Kong, what gambling mecca & former Portuguese colony is known as “The Vegas of the East”?
#4: Traditionally located near the rudders, what’s the term for the compartment of a ship reserved for third-class passengers?
FQ: Residing in the Pyrenees of France & Spain, what European people have angled for autonomy for over a century?
FA: Basque ($1300)

G2: Dan, Liz, Betina & Cleo (The Shake Shack at Madison Square Park)(BtG: 30)

#1: On The New York Times‘ website, what ancient pastime’s the subject of a blog named “GAMBIT”?
Poker (A: Chess)
#2: Known for their furry catkins, branches of what plant are often carried by Russian Orthodox in lieu of Palms on Palm Sunday?
Pussy Willow
#3: On “The Muppet Show”, what out-of-these-world segments starred Captain Link Hogthrob & Dr. Strangepork?
“Pigs in Space”
FQ: Coinciding w/ the National Day of Reason, what annual observance was meant to combat the atheist threat of Communism?
MSO: Colin
FA: Labor Day (A: National Day of Prayer)

G3: Ashley, Camilla & John (Joshua Tree on 35th & 3rd)(BtG: 42)


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