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“Ca$h Cab” 2/17/11

G1: Emily (96th & Central Park West)(BtG: 36)

#1: “My Fair Lady” took its name from a nursery rhyme from the DEMISE of what British landmark?
London Bridge
#2: Obama was the first President to host what Passover feast at The White House?
#3: Sharing its name w/ a Gold Rush region & an ice cream bar, what’s the most common form of solitaire?
Solitary confinement
#4: Familiar to fans of “Gilligan’s Island”, what synonym for “sea captain” derived from a Dutch word for “ship”?

#1: As implied by its name, what exercise requires you to rest on your forearms & toes while keeping your body straight as a board?
#2: Dubbed “The Berlin Wall of Asia”, the Wagah Border separates India from which of its nuclear neighbors?
#3: W/ the chemical formula ZNO, what sunscreen additive give lifeguards their distinctive white noses?
Zinc oxide
#4: Launched in ’08, what Google operating system for smartphones features a green robot as its mascot?

#1: In a practical joke craze called “Icing”, victims are required to kneel down & consume what brand of sugary malt beverage?
FQ: What GPS manufacturer adopted the slogan “Follow the leader” in ’08?
OTHER S-O: Boyfriend Matt

VB: This vast canyon in UT is a hell of a place to lose a cow. Famous for exotic formations called hoodoos, what’s the name of this picturesque national park?
FA: Prairie Canyon (A: Bryce Canyon)

DR: Alex, Lucas, Jack & Amaka (52nd between 5th & 6th)(BtG: 44)

G3: Howard & Susan (Top of the Rock at Rockefeller Center)(BtG: 48)

#1: Causing a wicked bad mess, what New England city was FLOODED w/ 2M gallons of molasses in 1919?
#2: Known as a “linguistic false friend”, the Spanish word embarazada DOESN’T mean embarrassed, but what?
#3: What old-fashioned domestic device squeezes water from soggy laundry?
RLC: As of the first quarter of 2010, five tech cos. have dominated the worldwide market for smartphones- name four of ’em.
Apple, hTC, NOKIA & MOTOROLA (Other: Research in Motion, best known for the Blackberry)
#4: What Yoplait yogurt brand’s squeezed directly from a tube?

#1: What ancestor of humans was credited for the extinction of the Neanderthal man?
Cro-Magnon (A: Homo sapien)
#2: The inspiration for Count Dracula, what 15th C. prince was also a distant relative of “Twilight” star Robert Pattinson?
Vlad the Impaler
#3: Blepharoplasty is a procedure to add a crease to what?
Cleft of the chin (A: Eyelid)
FQ: Named for a British scientist, what kinetic desk toy consists of five metal balls suspended on a pendulum?
FA: Newton’s Balls (accepted for Newton’s Cradle)($1250)


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