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“Family Feud” 5/5/15

G2: Irvins v. Reeds (Elisha, Chris, Jazzmon, Ron & Jaduan)

R1: Name something babies suck on that would be weird to see an adult sucking on:

#1: Pacifier/binky (32)(Elisha)

Reeds: Bottle (#4- 18), teething ring, thumb/fingers (#2- 25), (their mom’s) boobs (#3- 19), toy & toes (5)- SWEEP

R2 (women): Name something information you DON’T want to hear, but you’d expect a friend to tell you:

#1: Mate cheated (38)(Beth)

Irvins: “You’re porky” (#2- 33), outfit’s a “don’t” (#4- 5), makeup looks bad, deadbeat hubby, latest gossip (BA- 3), bad breath
Elisha Steal: You’re a bad parent (#3: Food in my teeth- 8/Unsaid BAs: “Lookin’ old, granny”, someone died & she boinked/my dad)

Double: They’re yrs. apart, but name something Justin Bieber has in common w/ Donald Trump:

#1: Ballin’/loaded (37)(Jazzmon)

Reeds: Famous (#4- 6), bad press, nice cars, weird hair (#2- 31), Caucasian
Sarah Steal: Ego/douchey- #3 (18)(Sole BA: They’re dudes- 5)

TRIPLE: Name a musical instrument you need a good set of lips to play:

#1: Trumpet (47)(McKinsey)

Irvins: Tuba (BA- 8), flute (#2- 20), horn, trombone & clarinet
Elisha Steal to W or L: Saxophone (12)

#1: Acc. to the men, name a special day you look forward to every yr.
#2: How many truly good friends do you have?
#3: Name a place on the body where it especially hurts to get a tattoo.
#4: Something you need to make a smoothie.
#5: An occupation when part of your job’s rescuing people.

Elisha: Valentine’s Day, five (13), breasts (22), fruit (30) & fireman (52)
Jazzmon: Birthday (10), three (19), sides (neck tied for #1), milk (6) & police (8)
Unsaid #1s: Christmas & two


Comments on: "“Family Feud” 5/5/15" (1)

  1. jpgenius said:

    Uh-oh…echoes of the Pillsbury Doughboy in the Bieber/Trump question. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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