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“Id!ottest” 6/14/17

BT: Tao & Sari (cousins)
GT: April & Adam (married)

Cousins: Which of these (out of the four shown) is a brain puzzle in a brain puzzle?
T ($160): #1
Couple: Which most likely gets him up every morning?
T ($180): Alarm clock
Cousins: Touch the one that’s nuttiest
T ($180): Almond butter ($340)
Couple: Which hobby has the most drawbacks?
T ($200): Archery ($380)

Tao: Self-driving cars is a genius idea! Touch the ingenious idea
April: If we ask you to say “Idiotest” & you hold your tongue, what would it sound like- INTELLIGENCE, IDEOLOGIST, INTEREST or QUIETNESS?
Sari: You’re under my spell! Which mystic am I talking about- Master Uryy, Guru Gary or Sven Jolly?
IDIOT (A: Master Uryy)
Adam: Touch the red stoplight between the green & yellow spotlights
FAILED ($100)

#1: Touch the lyin’ lion
Sari ($700): “I’M A LION” sitting down ($1165)
April ($800): ALSO TOUCHED IT ($1180)
#2: Which two words can you put together to spell a profession- PEDIC, CURER, FORE, ARM &/or STRANGER?
Adam ($400): FOREARM
Tao ($400): PEDICARM

SM: Witch 1 bean beet?
Adam (:30): #4
April (:07): $10K KNOCKOUT (& Adam shaved his mustache)

BT: Jordan & Becca
GT: Dana & Jay (roommates)

J&B: Who cut carbs for the wedding?
T ($180): Cake-cutters
D&J: Which one had at least one nightcap at this party?
T ($80): Stuffed animal (just before puzzle #3 this ep., warmup guy Ben Morrison made a cameo)
J&B: Some friendly flying advice: DON’T yell “Hi!” to which passenger- SUE, TED, BARB or JACK?
T ($20): JACK ($200; Mr. Morrison then did another rap)
D&J: Which graduate’s below AVERAGE?
T ($20): #3 (A: #4)

Dana: Which sounds like the loneliest place to sit?
T ($25): TABLE 3 (A: TABLE 4 1)
Jordan: Which line on the slot machine has three pieces of fruit?
T ($25): #3 (A: #1)
Jay: Touch the lightening in a bottle
T ($375): 100% PURE ELECTRICITY (A: Just the Tips Hair Bleach)
Becca: Bull Lou Juan Ease core wrecked- KAREN, PIERRE, JASON or LUCY?
T ($50): PIERRE ($250)

#1: Welcome to idiot book club! Which is most likely in the third-person?
Jordan ($350): The drink just under the book I’m a Douche: A Memoir by Shia LaBeouf held by a person at #3 ($600)
Jay ($550): I’m a Douche: A Memoir by Shia LaBeouf

SM: Based on the other tags (Fiji: 1F2I1J/Japan: 1J2A1P1N), what code should be on Canada’s tag- 1C2A1N2D, 1C3A1N2D, 2C3A1N1D or 1C3A1N1D?
Becca (:19): 1C3A1N1D
Jordan (:06): 1C3A1N2D ($1600)


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