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R1 (men): Name something of yours that’s DIRTY:

#1: Clothes/shoes (46)(Jay)

Wrestlers: Mind/thoughts (#2- 16), car (#3- 15), mouth, bathroom, bedroom
Tara Steal: Hair (#4: Hands/nails- 13/BA: Garage/workshop- 2)

R2: Name something you might find in the trunk of a criminal’s car:

#2: Body (12)(Rob)

Wrestlers: Drugs/marijuana (BA- 5), gun/weapon (TA- 56), stolen $/property (T3- 8), disguises/masks, (false) ID, aliens
Tara Steal #2: Gloves (T3: Crowbar/tools/#5: Rope- 6)

Double (ladies): Name some information your new boyfriend might confess to you:

#3: He CHEATED (15)(Velvet)
X- “The roster” (Ken)

Knockouts: BROKE/lost job (BA- 7), has disease, he loves you, he’s GAY (T1- 16), has kids (#4- 11) & lives in basement
Jay Steal: NO commitment from him (Other TA: Married/involved)

TRIPLE: Name an animal that might sleep on the bed of a lonely farmer:

#1: Dog (75)(Matt)

Wrestlers: Cat (#2- 10), ferret, pig (BA- 4), sheep (7)

#1: Something that people might say your heart was made out of.
#2: How much does a chihuahua weigh?
#3: A room in the house where you might light a candle.
#4: Something a shy boy might be EMBARRASSED to ask her girl for.
#5: Using a report card grade, how good of a kisser are you?

Ken: Stone (41), five lbs. (20), bedroom (35) & her number (13)
Rob: Love, four lbs. (10), living rm. (13), dance & C (11)
Unsaid #1s: Three, date & A (both teams received $10K each at the end of the wk.)


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