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R1: Name a place a husband better NOT be when his wife’s in the hospital giving birth:

#1: Bar (46)(Mick)
#2: Girlfriend’s house (19)(Lacey)

Wrestlers: Home (watching TV)(#4- 5), strip joint (#3- 14), sporting event (ONE OF THE BAs- 4), out w/ friends, waiting rm. & work- SWEEP

R2: Name a fruit a man thinks is sexy when a woman’s eating it:

#1: Banana (67)(Jay)

Wrestlers: Cherry (#4- 4), strawberry (#2- 17), grape (#5), passion fruit, kiwi, peach (#3- 6) & plum
Lacey Steal: (Water)melon (BA: Apple)

Double: Name something some people do frequently & others NOT at all:

#3: Sex (6)(Christy)
X- Read (RVD)

Knockouts: (CENSORED), exercise/jog (T2), go to beach, go to dentist/doctor
Mick Steal: Go to church/pray- T2 (#1: Drink booze/bar- 15/T2: Eat out/Sole BA of board: Go to movies- 5)

TRIPLE: Name something that’s usually the job of the first person to get up in the morning:

#3: Walk dog (5)(Velvet)
X- Get kids to school (Ken)

Knockouts: Coffee/breakfast (TA- 77), shower/bathe, take trash out, get paper
Mick Steal to W Again: Wake everybody up- #2 (9)(BA: Turn heat on- 4)

#1: Something your mom made you do before you left for school.
#2: On the scale, how replaceable are you at work?
#3: Something that might get broken in a bar fight.
#4: Besides red, a color roses come in.
#5: Which occupation would you find the bravest people?

Matt: Make the bed (7), 0, bottle (31), white (30) & athlete
Jay: Whiz/dump (2), 7 (2), glass (32), yellow (39) & fisherman
Unsaid #1s: Eat breakfast, 10 & firefighter


Comments on: "“Family Feud” 11/4/10" (1)

  1. jpgenius said:

    I think I know the censored answer Velvet Sky gave…but I’m not at liberty to say it. This is Family Feud, Velvet! 😳😂

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