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Sierra (home cook/geologist)
Robbie (personal chef who served in the Army for seven yrs.)
Kent (caterer in OK)
Jason (personal chef in DAL)
GJ: Clay Walker

R1: Breakfast hash

A #1:
#1: Wear stiff jeans or saddle- SIERRA ($23,300)(Jeans: Robbie/Saddle: Jason)
#2: Trade ingredients for whatever ingredients that came sliding down a bar table, which also served as their prep station- JASON ($15.5K)(Sierra)
#3: Wrangle up a “horse”- ROBBIE ($11,100)(Kent)
OUT 1ST- Sierra

R2: Cowboy steak dinner

A #2:
#1: Covered wagon- KENT ($16.5K)
#2: Cut everything w/ spurs- JASON ($8700)(Kent)
OUT 2ND- Jason

FR: Cornbread dessert

A #3:
#1: Prep over swinging saloon doors- KENT ($6K)
#2: Play a game of horseshoes to get ingredients back- ROBBIE ($8100)
W- Kent


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