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“Chopped” 6/13/17

Father/Son & Father/Daughter Teams Who Competed:
Mike & Melissa Hannah (CLE, OH)
Mark & Kevin Sheridan (CLE, OH)
Johnny & Yahaira Hall (BKN)
Daniel & Sabi Beavis (Hillsborough Township, NJ- family’s Turkish)
J: Scott, Amanda & Marc

A: Ground beef, Japanese eggplant, date syrup & remote control cookie
M&M: Toasted crostini w/ sauteed eggplant & spicy meat sauce
M&K: Spicy beef taco w/ grilled eggplant salsa
J&Y: Beef & chorizo wonton w/ creamy date sauce & salad
D&S: Turkish kebabs w/ caramelized onion & date sauce
C- Mike & Melissa

E: Salmon fillet, candy cane beets, dried cassava sticks & fava beans
J&Y: Cassava-crusted salmon w/ candy cane beet slaw
D&S: Roasted salmon w/ field greens & fava vinaigrette
M&K: Pan-seared salmon w/ pickled beet salad
C- Mark & Kevin

D: Bacon gelato, Belgian ale, cactus pear & pretzel bark
D&S: Baklava w/ cactus pear & berry reduction
J&Y: Cactus pear & mascarpone fruit tart w/ baklava
W- The Beavises


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