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“Fear Factor” 6/13

Jasmine & Carmela
Paula & Jeremey
Gabriela & Danielle
Aaron & Louis

BtB: One teammate was shacked in a coffin to three combination locks. Inside each of three boxes was a washer that had the four-digit code to one of those three locks; however, as soon as a box was opened, the creature that was inside would be poured onto their partner.
G&D: 7:22
P&J: 4:26
J&C: 6:19
A&L: 6:30

FYF: One teammate was blindfolded & had to retrieve as many pieces of cheese from mousetraps as they could & put the pieces in dishes in a four-min. time limit; their partner would give directions in a hole. If a team could avoid taking the pieces of cheese that were NOT on the mousetraps, they would win a $1K bonus.
A&L: 10

TFF: Tied to a 300-lb. anchor was one teammate, who stood on a platform above the water. When Ludacris pulled a plunger, (s)he went into that water & their partner would need to swim, untie the three knots & cut the rope w/ scissors. To stop their time, a flag had to be taken off a buoy. Each team would get two attempts.
W- A&L


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