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M-U: Weils v. Irelands

R1: Name a reason a guy might say “This is the WORST strip club I’ve ever been to”:

#1: UGLY strippers (65)(Rick)

Weils: Too expensive (BA- 2), NO alcohol, male strippers (#2- 14), BAD atmosphere, too crowded
Arvell Steal: Little to NO nudity- #3 (12)(Leftover: Dirty/smelly- 3)

R2: Name something a man might try to take off w/ his teeth:

#2: Clothes/undies (35)(Hannah)

Weils: Strings, bottle cap/tab (TA- 37), food/candy wrapper (#4- 6), (end of a) cigar(ette), watch/bracelet (BA- 3), fingernails (#3- 8) & bride’s garter
Arvell Steal #2: Tags- OTHER BA

Double: Old __________:

#2: Man (15)(Tori)
X- -school (Fay)


Irelands: -fashioned, “Yeller” (T4- 6), Faithful (T4), Charter, folks
Rick Steal: Maid- #3 (9)(#1: Fart- 19/BA: -timer- 5)

(Note: The #1 was revealed first at the end of this rd., which is very unusual these days when there are multiple answers left on the board.)

TRIPLE: Name an occupation in which a man can put his good looks to use:

#2: Actor (10)(Gail)
X- (Plastic) surgeon (Sam)

Weils: Model (TA- 74), firefighter, politician, salesman (BA- 3) & pool boy
Arvell Steal to W or L: Stripper- NOT ACCEPTED AS THE OTHER BA OF DANCER WHEN IT SHOULD HAVE (hence why they got brought back)

#1: Something you’d HATE to have happen on the first day of your new job.
#2: Name any singer named Bob(by).
#3: A breed of dog that reminds you of your boss.
#4: Something a baby might need help getting out of.
#5: How often do you floss?

Gail: Get sick (6), Seger, bulldog (29), car seat (14) & everyday (46)
Adam: BAD hair day, Marley (26), Golden Retriever, crib/bed (33) & once a wk. (7)
Unsaid #1: Get FIRED


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