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M-U: Weils v. Davises

R1: Name something you should NEVER tease a Hell’s Angel about:

#1: Bike (62)(Rick)
X- Ears (Samantha)

Weils: Tattoos (#2- 9), (leather) clothes (#5- 5), biker babes, hair/ponytail (T3- 6), how he drinks, biker crew
Samantha Steal: Lifestyle (T3: Mom/All unsaid BAs: Patches/colors, beer belly & snaggleteeth- 2 each)

R2: Name something a policeman might think a suspect has in their pants:

#1: Gun (61)(William)

Davises: Drugs (#2- 25), $, knife (#3- 8), bullets & someone else’s ID
Rick Steal: Phone (BA: Illegal wild animal- 2)

Double: Name a noise people make w/ their bodies:

#2: Burp (17)(Lori)

Weils: Knuckle-cracking, fart (TA- 48), cough, laugh
Samantha Steal #2: Sneeze- #3 (6)(T4: Psst & squeak/squeal- 5 each/Unprovided BAs: Clap & snort- 3 each)

TRIPLE: Name something a NASCAR driver might do right before a race:

#1: Pray (65)(Gail)

Weils: Take dump/whiz (BA- 4), eat/drink, kiss somebody, put helmet on
Samantha Steal to End Game Now: Buckle up (#2: Check car- 14/#3: Rest- 5)

SD: Name a reason a baseball fan might leave before the game ends.
Adam: Team losing (61)

#1: Acc. to single men, how many ex-boyfriends can a girlfriend have before it’s too many?
#2: Something that turns yellow.
#3: Name the one thing you do that requires the most discipline.
#4: If you only had $2, where would you go for lunch?
#5: Something of which a person has a right one & a left one.

Gail: Three (6), teeth (21), exercise (20), Arby’s & hands (47)
Adam: Five (30), urine (8), go to work (15), McDonald’s (31) & legs (6)
Unsaid #1: Diet


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