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RETURNED: Lucy, Buck, Mischa & Claire Hollingsworth (Moseley, VA)(1/5/16)
J: Marc, Maneet & Marcus

A: Sea scallops, bok choy, clementines & guanciale
Lucy: Pan-seared scallops w/ bok choy & clementine pesto
Buck: Butter-seared scallops w/ bok choy & guanciale saute
Mischa: Guanciale-seared scallop w/ bok choy salad
Claire: Sauteed scallops w/ smoky bok choy
C- Mischa

E: Braised short ribs, baby turnips, pattypan squash & chocolate sardines
Claire: Short rib burrito bowl w/ spicy chocolate sauce
Lucy: Pan-seared short ribs w/ roasted baby turnips & pattypan squash
Buck: Braised short rib taco w/ spicy mole & baby turnip slaw
C- Lucy

D: Japanese-style pancakes, rainbow carrots, caramel latte macchiato & aleppo pepper flakes
Claire: Banana & rainbow carrot oat cake w/ macchiato caramel sauce
Buck: Carrot & Ricotta fritters w/ macchiato & aleppo granita
IN- Buck (he was the first competitor on this version of the show to use the juicer)


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