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G1: Karen & Mike (51st & 9th)(BtG: 31)

#1: While a male’s a colt & a female’s a filly, what catchall term refers to any horse less than a yr. old?
Yearling (A: Foal)
#2: After his documents were STOLEN, Iranian National Mehran Nasseri spent 18 yrs. living in Terminal One of what European airport?
Charles de Gaulle
#3: What Gilbert & Sullivan operetta was set in the fictional Japanese town of Titipu?
“The Mikado”
#4: Called a “bivy bag” for short, what lightweight sack’s a minimalist alternative to the more traditional tent?
Bivouac bag

Sole $200 Q: Known as the “Mambo King”, what drummer’s 2000 death was marked by three official days of mourning in Puerto Rico?
Tito Puente

VB: An insect’s answer to puberty, this is the stage of development in which the larva of a butterfly becomes a full-fledged adult. What’s the term for this intermediate stage in the metamorphic life cycle?
FA: Pupa ($1400)

G2: Allison, Carl & Joey (B&H Photo)(BtG: 36)

G3: Steffi & James (Spice at University & 13th)(BtG: 35)

#1: What two-word phrase’s abbrev. JK in the world of Internet slang?
Just kidding
#2: Lending its name to an Oliver Stone movie, what small military unit typically consists of 18-44 grunts?
MSO: Shawn
#3: Now known for Bengals instead of pigs, what Midwestern city was known as “Porkopolis” in the mid-1900s?
#4: What group was founded in 1910 by 15 florists who agreed to fill orders via telegraph?

#1: In a one-star review on amazon.com, what Jack Kerouac classic was summed up as “200 pages of losers waiting for something to happen”?
On the Road
#2: Introduced in 1951 by Craft Master, what painting kits promised to make every man a Rembrandt?
Paint by Numbers
#3: Headquartered in Zurich, what 208-member governing body has been described as the United Nations of soccer?
RLC: As of 2009, name five of the top six oil/gas companies that were listed in the global Fortune 500.
Shell, BPX (Didn’t say: ExxonMobil, Chevron, Total & ConocoPhillips)
#4: After answering a NASA newspaper ad in 1978, who became the first female American in space?
Sally Ride

Sole $200 Q: Sometimes called a Swede, what root vegetable’s paired w/ potatoes in the Scottish dish Neeps & Tatties?
FA: Parsnip (A: Rutabaga/turnip)


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