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OR: Same one as the Red Nose Day special

#1: Grant (1:26.37)
#2: Adam R. (1:29.79)
#3: Kevin B. (1:33.57)
#4: Brian W. (1:37.15)
#5: Sean B. (1:37.47)
#6: Ryan R. (1:39.56)
#7: Nick H. (1:57.82)
#8: Flip (1:58.28)
#9: Gabe (2:09.93)
#10: Anthony Trucks (former NFL LB in Antioch, CA)(2:20.76)
#11: Brent Bundy (2:26.47)
#12: Robin Pietschmann (Coast Guard rescue swimmer)(2:29.81)
#13: Jackson (2:31.24)
#14: Kapu Gaison (obstacle course founder in HI)(2:37.24)
#15: Josh L. (2:39.62)
#16: Riles Nganga (tow truck driver in San Jose)(3:02.85)
#17: Westley Silvestri (3:09.86)
#18: Charlie Andrews (MIT student in Cambridge, MA)(3:19.89)
#19: Benjamin Humphrys (hairstylist)(3:21.46)
#20: Sander Odish (warehouse worker)(3:25.55)
#21: Anton Reichel (circus performer in S.D.)(3:29.09)
#22: Steve S. (3:46.62)
#23: Daniel Moreno (former Army Staff Sgt. in PHX)(stopped at WW at 2:38.19)
#24: Zhanique Lovett (personal trainer in Visalia)(stopped at WW at 3:10.59)
#25: Tyler Vogt (stuntman)(stopped at WW at 3:48.15)
#26: Alan C. (stopped at Battering Ram at 41.1)
#27: David C. (stopped at Battering Ram at 51.93)
#28: Scott W. (stopped at Battering Ram at 55.82)
#29: K.C. (stopped at Battering Ram at 1:33.18)
#30: Tiana (stopped at Battering Ram at 1:35.04)

Other Members of Female Top Five (starting this season, the top five female finishers will also advance):
#3: April Steiner Bennett (pole vaulter in Mesa)(stopped at Battering Ram at 1:43.51)
#4: Rebekah Bonilla (real estate agent in Tucson)(stopped at Battering Ram at 2:05.65)
#5: Natalie (stopped at Battering Ram at 2:20.17)

Notable Also-Rans:
Stephen Stokes (Finnish football player): ELIM. ON BLOCK RUN
Joe Heiden (marketing mgr. in West Linn, OR who was fighting cancer at the time): ELIM. ON CR
Joey Swink (facebook employee): ELIM. ON BLOCK RUN
Kyla Hall (football player): ELIM. ON CR


Comments on: "“American Ninja Warrior”- 9TH S.P." (1)

  1. Dalton Higbee said:

    Reminder that 5 women from each city qualifier will move on to the city final.

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