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FF: Pamela Fletcher, Taylor Tew, Cheveina Sessor & James Itson
IUFB #1: MD Sports pool table (R at SS)


Hopefully this rd. of the Grand Game will go much better for James ($5).
I: Dial bar soap, Pillsbury pizza crust, GUM flossers, Green Giant corn, PURINA Fancy Feast treats & two GE light bulbs
ANOTHER WIPEOUT W/ FLOSSERS (GE light bulbs: $6.49)

5. Amber Purcell
IUFB #2: Pair of amazon fire tablets (M in front of CR)

Pamela: 750/Taylor: 800/Cheveina: 575/AMBER: 600

Amber’s vacation will take her to the Ercilla Hotel (#2) by knowing that CoG rule.
G: GOING ($8246)

6. Allison Tuso
IUFB #3 (train): Dean Guitar + 40W amp (R)

Pamela: 1200/Taylor: 750/Chevenia: 1600/ALLISON: 900

What’s Pamela playing for next? How about the Honda Civic Cpe (Std., AA) in the MG.


#1: 21 (214__)
Rest of the Way: M-O FOR $310

SCSD #1:
James ($1,001): H-D + 40 = .9
Pamela ($1,868): .9
Amber ($8,856): .95

7. Ronson Mahla
IUFB #4: SONY PS4 pkg. (M at #5)

RONSON: 475/Taylor: 380/Chevenia: 499/Allison: 480

By default, Chevnia’s $530 richer & plays the Balance Game for a zuo bar, a 5pc dinette, the SAMSUNG 65″ 4K HDTV + stand & the AZ hammered bronze patio heaters.
LTN: 0, 4 & 0
DVA: $2K, $4K & $6K
G: 6040

8. Barbara Le
IUFB #5: Pair of stainless frying pans & 12pc Zwilling cutlery (R in Clam)

Ronson: 700/Taylor: 701/BARBARA: 475/Allison: 600

Total value: $1,295- Taylor plays the Race Game for the SAMSUNG gas range, AFG elliptical/stepper trainer, 8pc M.J. acc. & hp all-in-one.
PT: $849, $1775, $2600 & $3399

SAMSUNG range: $3399
AFG elliptical: $2600
M.J.: $1775
hp all-in-one: $849

FINAL CALLDOWN: Theresa Stiles
FINAL IUFB: 3prs Skullcandy headphones & 32GB SONY MP3 player (M)

Ronson: 1/THERESA: 625/Barbara: 700/Allison: 725

Allison could drive the ’17 Ford Focus SE (Std., Paint, Sealer) away by winning Pathfinder.


Hamilton Beach party crock ($60 or $85)
Panasonic facial steamer ($79 or $130)
N.E. popcorn popper ($45 or $90)

#1: 8

#1: N.E. popcorn popper’s $90
#2: 7

#1: Panasonic facial steamer’s $79

#1: Party crock’s $60
#2: 6

SCSD #2:
Chevenia: 30 + 85
Allison ($930): 55 + 85
Taylor ($9,918): NICKEL

#1- Trip to Anam Cara Manor (M)
R of #1- Louisiana Grill (R)
#2- ’17 Toyota Corolla

BID ON TRIP/CAR SHOWCASE: $27K (Wexford, Ireland: $10,176)

L of #3- Trip to Napili Kai (R)
#3- SEA-DOO 2up (M)
#4- Trip to Palermo Place (R in front of CR)



Comments on: "“The Price is Right” 6/12/17" (4)

  1. Ismael Gomez said:

    Okay episode. But both car games were screwed up and a car was won in the showcase.
    Grade: B-

  2. This is the 2nd time this month that Grand Game had a wipeout. And it seems that the 4 contestants who lost their games had more hard luck on the wheel, too. At least the two game winners, Amber and Taylor, had a better day than the others. Still, pretty mediocre show today.

  3. Ant1988 said:

    Okay and Disappointing. No Car win in Pricing Games, 4 Losses, 2 Games won with 2 Pricing Game Winners in the Showcase. And A car was won in the Showcase.

    My rating: 6

  4. in race game 8 seconds is that a record

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