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In each rd., after both items have been presented, the audience will randomly vote & the Cash Out button will come up. Random offers will be presented, but they WON’T steadily increase- sometimes, it’ll go down. If somebody Cashes Out, the other inventor(s) WON’T get funded by default.

The Airhook (Craig Rabin from Kirkland, WA): Stable secure mount for phones & tablets that attaches to tray tables on airplanes
Soarigami (Grace Chang from Plano): Device that looks like paper airplane & attaches to any armrest to extend personal space
W- The Airhook

The V-Smart Bar (Tanya Tibbs from Roswell, GA): Soap that cleans woman’s private parts
Savage Soaps (Misti & Grant Morningstar from Frederick, MD): Soaps that contain olive oil & other vegan stuff

Brik Tile (Brett Miller & David Dripps from Menlo Park, CA): A new kind of building bricks
Hang-o-Matic (Karina & Jared Rabin from Foothill Ranch, CA): All-in-one picture hanger
W- Brik Tile

(Final notes: Don Weiner’s their director, Ruben Ervin’s their opening announcer & Steve’s NOT an EP on this show.)


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