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“Ca$h Cab” 9/23/10

G1: Kenny, Tom, Monique & Courtney (8th & 17th)(BtG: 30)

#1: Named after the Greek for “sun”, what chemical element was first detected in 1868 during a total solar eclipse?
MSO: Thomas
#2: Similar in execution, the pick-and-roll & the give-and-go are BOTH offensive plays in what sport?
#3: What former automotive brand made the H2 & H3?
#4: Acc. to Guinness World Records, what “STAR TREK” tongue is Earth’s most-spoken fictional language?

#1: In 2009 what Supreme Court Justice announced he would retire to spend more time hiking in the NH mountains?
X (A: David Souter)
#2: What’s the geometry term for two angles that add up to 90°?
Complementary angles
#3: Exploding onto the ’50s jazz scene, saxophonist Julian Edwin Adderley was more commonly known by what nickname?
Bird (A: Cannonball)
#4: Analogous to an autopsy, what’s the standard term for the postmortem dissection of an animal?
DONE (A: Necropsy)

DR: Virginia, Alex & Justin (Aquavit on 55th & Park)(BtG: 36)

#1: In 1966 an unidentified pilot alarmed the FAA by flying a small aircraft through what MO landmark?
Gateway Arch
#2: International “STAR WARS” Day takes place on 5/4, a date that alludes to what iconic Jedi greeting?
“May the force be with you”
#3: Providing many a DH, the D.R. has sent a record number of players to MLB- what nation is D.R. an abbrev. for?
Dominican Republic
#4: Brewing up controversy in 2006, what chain briefly reintroduced its original logo featuring a bare-chested mermaid?

#1: During the 2008 election, what feline acronym was embraced by Hillary supporters who REFUSED to vote for Obama?
RLC: In 2008 eight of the 100 most populous cities in the U.S. began w/ Saint or its Spanish equiv.- name seven of these saintly cities.
St. Louis, San Antonio, San Francisco, San Diego, San JoseX (Didn’t get: St. Petersburg, St. Paul & Santa Ana)
#2: Now merged w/ Coopers & Lybrand, what accounting firm notoriously charged a client 67¢ a page to copy 11M documents?
Price Waterhouse
#3: A staple of the TV show “COPS”, what editing technique uses low-resolution to blur an OFFENDING image?
#4: Defined as “a superfluous repetition”, what word’s often used in the U.K. as a euphemism for getting FIRED?

Sole $400 Q: In 2000 what purveyor of computer routers temporarily replaced Microsoft as the world’s most valuable co.?

VB: Immortalized by a classic musical, this Spanish region was the stomping ground of Cervantes’ romantic hero Don Quixote. Famous for its windmills, what’s the name of this agricultural plateau?
FA: La Mancha ($3200)

G3: John & Ellie (3rd & 10th)(BtG: 45)
$450 GONE


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