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“Ca$h Cab” 9/22/10

G1: Henry & Rob (Four-Faced Liar, a bar on 6th & 4th)(BtG: 33)

#1: From the Greek for “digested”, what specific variety of ulcer can be caused by bacteria or an overdose of aspirin?
MSO: Ken
X (A: Peptic)
#2: Though NOT one of the title characters, D’aragnan was the hero of what swashbuckling French novel?
The Three Musketeers
#3: In ’68 what raucous Rock musical debuted in London the day after local censorship laws were lifted?
“Tommy” (A: “Hair”)
RLC: From 1990-2009, only four male tennis players won five or more singles titles in grand slam tournaments- who were they?
Agassi, Federer, McEnroe & SamprasBAILED

G2: Julia, Laura & Ben (The Met)(BtG: 37)

#1: Like Kleenex for tissue, what synonym for “ice on a stick” is actually a trademark of Unilever?
#2: Due to violent wind storms & poor soil conservation, the American Plains region was given what nickname in the 1930s?
Dust Bowl
#3: Acc. to the PETA website, vegetable oil or baby oil can be used to help liberate mice from what type of traps?
#4: What fast food chain doles out free hats once a yr. on Talk Like a Pirate Day?
Long John Silver’s

#1: First used on humans in 1977, what medical scanning devices have been known to accidentally swallow up entire gurneys?
#2: On the Internet, what slang word for “novice” or “newcomer” is often spelled w/ two zeroes instead of two O’s?
RLC: Seven elements on the periodic table are traded on the New York Mercantile Exchange- name five of these seven commodities.
Gold, silver, platinum, palladium & copper (Others: Aluminum & uranium)
#3: Called “The greatest college cheer ever” by Teddy Roosevelt, “Rock Chalk, Jayhawk” is chanted by students of what state university?
#4: Co-opted by a popular Bahamas restaurant, what’s the scatological name for the roof of a ship’s rear cabin?
Poop deck

#1: Deeper than scarlet, what blood-colored hue did the biblical prophet Isaiah use to symbolize Sin?
FQ: Derived from the code words for BZ, what phrase means “well done” in Navy lingo?
MSO: Rudy
Bravo Zulu

VB: Since its completion, conspiracy theorists have claimed that this iconic pyramid consists of exactly 666 panes of glass. Designed by I.M. Pei, this stark ode to modernism serves as the entrance to what famous tourist destination?
FA: The Louvre ($2300)

G3: Lindsay & Megan (51st & 9th)(BtG: 30)


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