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In S2, only one participant would leave a quarter-millionaire.

MENTORS: John Burk, Riki Long, Chloe Mondesir & Grady Powell
COMPETITORS: Alison Kempkey (SEA), Carla Mireles (Chino), Chris Edom (Merrick, NY), George Foreman IV (HOU, TX), Gigi Gustin (Glassboro, NJ), Gill Morton (Vernal, UT), Hannah Koen (Newburyport, MA), Heather Pincelli (Lakeland), Herman Barr (Billings), Janessa Morgan (L.A.), Melanie Mahanna (BKN), Michael Wilson Morgan (BKN), Nathalie Martin (Youngsville, LA), Richard Mallard (Berryville, TX), Scarlett Angelina (New Brunswick, NJ), Shermon “Big Sherm” Braithwaite (BKN) & Will Westwater (West L.A.)

Initial Challenge: Everybody was hung by their feet upside down courtesy of a crane & they were dunked repeatedly for a half-hr. Everyone outlasted the time.

Chloe: Alison, Carla, Nathalie & Big Sherm
Burk: Chris, Hannah, Melanie & Will
Grady: George, Gigi, Herman & Michael
Riki: Gill, Janessa, Richard & Scarlett


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