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“Ca$h Cab” 8/12/10

DR: Lisa & Jocelyn (54th & 9th)(BtG: 45)

#1: Also spelled w/o an E, the organizer & uploader are tools offered by what popular photo-sharing website?
#2: Acc. to George Lucas, the iconic hairstyle of what “STAR WARS” character was inspired by the women of turn-of-the-century Mexico?
Princess Leia
#3: Before it became the “Fabric of our lives”, what fiber did Edison use as one of its first light bulb filaments?
#4: In ’09 BOTH Chuck Norris & Rick Perry made headlines by suggesting that what state could secede from the union?

#1: From the Greek for “color”, what musical scale’s played on the piano by hitting every key in succession?
#2: Sometimes abbrev. ZT, what CONTROVERSIAL criminology concept can be summed up as one strike & you’re out?
#3: Acc. to a 2008 industry study, what capital of Nova Scotia boasts the 5th-best airport in the world?
#4: Often used to indicate acceptable food, what Arabic term refers to anything permissible under Islamic law?

#1: What’s the day before Ash Wednesday?
Shrove Tuesday
#2: W/ a population of under 500, what rare subspecies of tiger’s named for the Indonesian island it calls home?
FQ: Inspiring Germany’s Autobahn, what network of Italian highways did Mussolini construct in the 1930s?

VB: India’s answer to the temporary tattoo, this ancient art of body decoration’s still customary among Bengali tribes. From a Hindi word meaning “henna”, what’s the name of this South Asian tradition?
FA: Mehndi ($4800)

G2: Linda, Nehemiah & Matt (46th & 9th)(BtG: 42)

G3: Eaton Weiss, Valley McRoberts & Ben McRoberts (22nd & 5th)(BtG: 35)

#1: From the Latin for “sleep”, what’s the term for an inactive volcano that HASN’T been classified as EXTINCT?
#2: Released in ’80, what iconic ATARI arcade game spawned knockoffs such as “Slither”, “Caterpillar” & “Magic Maggot”?
#3: Named for a town in GA, what famous variety of onion’s sweet due to the lack of sulfur in the local soil?
#4: Meaning fewer bucks for brokers, FSBO is a real-estate industry abbrev. for what?
For sale by owner

#1: Inspiring a Burt Reynolds vehicle, what 1970s cross-country race started as a lighthearted PROTEST of contemporary traffic laws?
“Cannonball Run”
#2: Describing an ANNOYINGLY-virtuous person, what phrase dates back to an 18th C. children’s book character who had but one shoe?
“Mary Contrary” (A: “Goody Two-Shoes”)
#3: From an Italian word meaning “touch”, what fast-paced style of classical music’s often paired w/ a fugue?
OTHER S-O: Ben’s uncle John
Toco (A: Toccata)
#4: The alleged progeny of a kitten named Zula, what cat breed’s named after an ancient African kingdom?

Sole $200 Q: Served on Good Friday, what pastries were BANNED in British schools in 2003 due to their overt Christian symbolism?
FA: Hot cross buns


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