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“Id!ottest” 6/8/17

BT: Jonathan & Eric (roommates)
GT: Sharon & Tiffany (mom/daughter)

Men: Who’s catching her breath?
T ($200): Woman blowing a balloon
Women: Statistically, which of these items do American supermarkets sell the fewest of each yr.?
T ($140): Shopping cart
Men: Chris only has to put on one thing to transform into Christie. What?
T ($40): tie ($240)
Women: Touch the mugshot (out of four) where the mug’s hot
T ($80): #3 ($220)

Tiffany: Do what you hear (“Strike three”)
T ($275): 3 on the back of a baseball player’s jersey ($495)
Eric: Which one’s literally six feet under?
T ($200): Yarn (A: Ant)
Sharon: When the hourglass was turned over, the timer started counting down. Which circle shows how many seconds remain- one, 29, 31 or  62?
T ($275): 62 ($770)
Jonathan: It’s martian idiotest! Touch the two identical blorks that are imforgibly spronkled!
T ($25): The two yellow ones ($265)

#1: If four of the 10 passengers got off the bus, how many people would be left on it- one, four, six, seven or 10?
Eric ($350): SIX
Tiffany ($300): AGREED (A: SEVEN)
#2: How much is that doggie in the window?
BOTH GOT 100% FOR $400

SM: This test is fair & square. Which one ISN’T either- play, meal, dance, walk or weather?
Sharon (:17): Meal
Tiffany (:03): Weather (A: Walk)

Battle of the Newlyweds:
BT: Brian & Lauren
GT: Jade & Barry

B&L: Who’s about to snap?
J&B: Where there’s a Will…?
T ($180): There’s away! (A: William in the center of the screen)
B&L: Office party! Touch the office manger.
J&B: Touch the longest tape

Jade: Which of these is the hardest- rubber berber gerber burger, real rock wall (three times) or rugged rubber baby buggy bumpers?
T ($125): Real rock wall ($325)
Lauren: Bob can fold 10 planes in a minute. How many can he make w/ a piece of paper in two min.- one, two, five or 20?
T ($250): TWO (A: ONE)
Barry: Is it a white horse w/ black stripes or a black horse w/ white stripes?
T ($75): White horse (A: “NO” on the “NO GRAZING” sign)
Brian: Which broadcast blows- “The Great Suck-Off”, “Welterweight Fight Night” or “Bowling: Live from Bowling Green”?
T ($250): “The Great Suck-Off”

#1: Tom changes his password a lot. Enter his two-digit password for New Yr.’s Eve.
Lauren ($100): 12 ($540)
Jade ($100): 10
#2: My friend dropped off an envelope containing an envelope. Which one (of the five) is it?
Brian ($300): NOTHING
Barry ($300): #3 (A: #5)

SM: Check out this colorful party! Logically, what’s the dog’s name- Rex, Bingo, Chief or Effie?
Brian (:17): Rex
Lauren (:04): Chief ($1,540)

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