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“Ca$h Cab” 8/10/10

G1: Marit, Susanne, Frank & James (44th & 9th)(BtG: 32)

#1: Replaced by the Euro in 2002, the Drachma was BOTH the modern & ancient currency of what nation?
#2: To reenact a famous album cover, Beatles fans often clock to a London crosswalk at Grove End Road & what storied street?
“Abbey Road”
#3: Also a classic Ford model, what mythical winged creature’s often found perching on top of totem poles?
Phoenix (A: Thunderbird)
#4: What synonym for “nonsense” alludes to the watery slop used to feed swine?
Swill (A: Hogwash)

#1: In the steamy Summer of 1977, sweltering NYers stayed indoors for fear of what notorious serial killer?
Son of Sam
#2: Also a quinine-flavored cocktail mixer, what’s the musical term for the first note of any given scale?
#3: Played in Augusta, GA, what storied golf tournament Tiger-proofed itself in 2008 by adding 155yds to its course?
The Masters
RLC: In 2008 four countries exported on avg. more than 1M barrels of petroleum per day to the U.S.- name all four of these nations.
Venezuela, Saudi Arabia, Canada & Mexico
FQ: What city’s the capital of Australia?

VB: This picturesque coastline’s one of the few places on Earth where cacti & redwood trees grow within sight of one another. Home to Bixby Bridge & the Esalen Institute, what’s the name of this storied stretch of land?
FA: Baja Peninsula (A: Big Sur)

DR: Barry & Doris (The Cupcake Cafe)(BtG: 39)

#1: Literally meaning “four sides” in Latin, what geometric term applies to squares, rectangles & parallelograms?
Quadrants (A: Quadrilateral)
#2: Also called “plummets”, what metallic weights are used by fishermen to help their hooks reach deep water?
#3: In 2002 the U.S. military was informed that the acronym CINC was reserved for the President- what does CINC stand for?
Commander in Chief
#4: Written in the 12th C., the poem “Lancelot: Knight of the Cart” featured the first known reference to what legendary castle?

#1: What tiny cavities within the skin exist everywhere except for the palms, soles & lips?
#2: Founded as the Greek port of Massalia, what Mediterranean city lends its name to the French national anthem?
#3: Despite accusations that it was penned by Ted Sorensen, what ’56 book earned JFK a Pulitzer Prize?
Profiles in Courage
#4: Often confused w/ locusts, what noisy insects have been nicknamed “dry flies” due to their discarded shells?
Crickets (A: Cicadas)

Sole $400 Q: The key mixer in an old-fashioned, what liqueur combines citrus, quinine & angostura bark?
FA: Angostura bitters ($1300)

G3: Beth, Trezanne, Brian & John (63rd & Madison)(BtG: 42)


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