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G1: Marlon & Mark (40th & 9th)(BtG: 38)
LOST $250

G2: Laura, Scott & Drew (9th & 53rd)(BtG: 30)

#1: On Apr. 27, 2009 Google converted its logo to dashes & dots to mark the birthday of what telegraph pioneer?
#2: Transported by the French frigate Isere, what American landmark arrived on our shores packed into 214 different crates?
Statue of Liberty
#3: Commonly used by tree surgeons, what power tool dates back to a 19th C. tool used by orthopedists to cut through bone?
#4: Dishing out soft serve since ’50, what Dairy Queen rival once boasted twin mascots named Tee & Eff?
Carvel (A: Tastee-Freez)

#1: Immortalized in a 2006 documentary, what’s the only species of penguin to breed during the Antarctic Winter?
#2: Coinciding w/ the Olympics, what sporting event originated as a competition for WWII veterans w/ spinal injuries?
RLC: In 2009 Forbes ranked the ten most-valuable sports franchises in the world. Name five of the six NFL teams that made the list.
Giants, Cowboys, Patriots, Redskins & Jets (Other: Texans)
#3: From a Latin phrase meaning “before the war”, what term referred to the pre-1860s architectural style of the American South?
FQ: Abbrev. MSM, what phrase’s commonly used by bloggers to refer to conventional sources of news & information?
Mainstream media

VB: Famous for its role in WWII, Midway is a North Pacific island surrounded by a circle of coral. A geological relative of the barrier reef, what’s the term for these formations?
FAILED (A: Atoll)

DR: Doug, Anne, Beth & Michael (Dakota)(BtG: 30)

#1: From the Latin for “two feet”, what word’s used to describe upstanding creatures like humans, ostriches & kangaroos?
#2: Meaning “say what it’s worth”, “Diga lo Que Vale” was the Peruvian version of what classic GS?
“The Price is Right”
#3: A staple of military slang, what metal alloy’s synonymous w/ the top officers in the U.S. Armed Forces?
#4: Counting FDR & Isaac Asimov among its members, Baker Street Irregulars were devotees of what literary character?
Sherlock Holmes

#1: What’s Saturn’s largest moon?
#2: In 1997 the USS Yorktown was PARALYZED when its computer tried to divide a number by what digit?
#3: What’s the female equiv. of a lumberjack?
#4: What term refers to a disease that occurs at a low but constant rate in a population?
Chronic (A: Endemic)

Sole $400 Q: What odd-sounding device enables a person to use protected software?
FA: Dongle ($1400)


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