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M-U: Justin W. v. Damaris
R1 J: Alton
KI: Persimmon

Justin: Head-on shrimp w/ a trio of persimmon
Damaris: Spiced hoecake w/ a persimmon jam
IN- Damaris

R2 J: Donal, Tricia & Michael P.
Bobby: Wild mushroom & tuna noodle casserole w/ dill, vinegar & salt potato chips
Damaris: Smoked tuna noodle casserole w/ an herbed potato chip crunch- W


Comments on: "“Beat Bobby Flay” 6/8/17" (6)

  1. Where is this delicious Recipe of Damaris
    Phillips Smoked Tuna Noodke Casserile with an Herb Potati Chip Crunch ??
    Would love to try it

  2. Would love Damaris’ Smoked Tuna Noodle casserole recipe!

  3. Yes please! I was hoping to try Demaris’ recipe too!

  4. Lisa Poulin said:

    I would also love this Damaris recipie for tuna noodle casseole.

  5. Southern Cook said:

    It is on Damaris’ Facebook page and she tweeted it.

  6. Didn’t she change the recipe when she published it?

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