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Josh v. Dino: Veal Parmigana
W- Dino Angelo Luciano

Redemption Battle:
Taylor: Crispy salmon fillet w/ garlic-cilantro rice, asparagus & mango salsa
Caitlin: Pan-seared salmon w/ potato, charred corn & rasam broth
IN THIS TIME- Cate Meade

Battle #3:
Michael: Northern Thai rib-eye w/ Brussels sprouts & sweet potato mash
Daniel: Filet Mignon w/ fried yuca & shallot-mushroom sauce
Brien: Filet Mignon w/ bacon Brussels sprouts & garlic-chive mashed potatoes
Aakash: Masala rib-eye w/ pepper-bourbon sauce, potato puree & bacon-arugula salad
IN- Daniel Pontes-Macedo & Brien O’Brien

Final Notable Battle:
Newton: Chocolate cupcakes w/ espresso chocolate chips & chipotle-bourbon pecans
Tom: Chocolate cupcakes w/ vanilla frosting, caramel & candied macadamias
IN- (Mike) Newton

ALSO WENT THROUGH- Eboni Henry, Heather Dombrosky, Jeff Philbin, Jenny Cavellier & Mark Togni


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