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RETURNED: Caroline, Isabella, Henry McDaniel (12-yr-old from PHI who won on 11/3/15) & Aziza
J: Marc, Alex & Marcus

A: Chicken in a can, escarole, mole sauce & fried pickles
Caroline: Stuffed escarole w/ “Holy Moly” sauce
Isabella: Chicken in a can bibimbap w/ fried pickle kimchi
Henry: Charred escarole hummus w/ spiced chicken & Thai salad
Aziza: Warm chicken escarole salad w/ chocolate mole sauce
C- Caroline

E: Porterhouse, Spring garlic, tahdig & rainbow cookies
Henry: Porterhouse larb w/ Spring garlic rice & crispy shallots
Aziza: Steak & fries w/ rainbow cookie crumble
Isabella: Creamy polenta w/ porterhouse & pickled Spring garlic
C- Aziza

D: Deep-fried candy bars, pomegranates, Burrata & date vinegar
Isabella: Burrata I.C. w/ date & pomegranate fruit salad
Henry: Pomegranate fritter w/ glaze & basil-burrata W.C.
ADVANCED- Isabella


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