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“Chopped” 6/6/17

Michael Chatman (Butter Restaurant LC orig. from N.O.)
Bea Rocchetti (Wicked Table SC in Farmington who was born in Rome)
Miguel Franco (El Original Tex-Mex EC orig. from Colombia)
Shacafrica Simmons (caterer in Tallahassee)
J: Marcus, Amanda & Ali K.

A: Purple potatoes, potato tots, garlic chives & Canadian bacon
Miguel: Potato soup w/ Canadian bacon & garlic chives
Shacafrica: Canadian bacon & purple potato cake w/ spicy sour cream
Bea: Polenta w/ purple potato & Canadian bacon hash
Michael: Potato & Canadian bacon hash w/ garlic chive & potato vinaigrette
C- Bea

E: Kennebec potatoes, chili cheese fries, porterhouse & fresh wasabi
Shacafrica: Strip steak w/ cheese/wasabi sauce & deep-fried potato
Michael: Steak frites w/ chili cheese/wasabi sauce & asparagus
Miguel: “Cowboy steak” w/ scalloped potatoes & chili cheese puree- C

D: “Loaded” baked potatoes, sweet potato pie, dried cranberries & English toffee
Michael: Deconstructed sweet potato pie w/ cranberry reduction
Shacafrica: Toffee-crusted sweet potato wonton w/ coconut cream sauce
W- Shacafrica


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