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“Ca$h Cab” 7/28/10

DR: Pedro, Steve & Joel (Zabar’s)(BtG: 37)

#1: In ’81 an estimated 1/6 of the world witnessed the televised union of what ILL-FATED couple?
Prince Charles & Lady Diana
#2: Nicknamed the Toonie, what country’s $2 coin features a polar bear named Churchill?
#3: Though named for an Italian city-state, what slatted window dressing was patented by a Brit in 1769?
Venetian blinds
#4: W/ railway stops at Peachtree Center & King Memorial Station, Marta’s the mass transit system of what U.S. city?

#1: Although it’s usually considered a nut, what marzipan ingredient’s actually a seed related to the peach pit?
Pistachio (A: Almond)
#2: Initially known as Boston Tech, what university initiated a nerd pride movement in the 1990s?
#3: Described as the most luminous object in the universe, a quasi-stellar radio source is most commonly known by what name?
Milky Way (A: Quasar)
#4: In 1521 what Protestant was famously CHEWED OUT at a religious assembly known as the Diet of Worms?
Martin Luther
RLC: Name six of the nine periodic table elements that end w/ -on.
Neon, iron, silicon, argon X; STOPPED HERE

G2: Lindsay, Verena & Danny (Jacob Javits Center)(BtG: 41)
LOST $200

G3: Lizzie & Mangesh (Hotel Chelsea)(BtG: 34)

#1: Just to join, members of the Iron Butt Association often travel a thousand miles in 24hrs on what mode of transportation?
Sled (A: Motorcycle)
#2: Dispensing kernels of information, sweetsurprise.com was an advocacy campaign promoting what food sweetener?
High-fructose corn syrup
#3: In a famous breakthrough of 1887, Ann Sullivan successfully taught her pupil Helen Keller what first word?
#4: Used by some aboriginal people, a quinary numerical system uses what number as its base?
15 (A: Five)

#1: Assoc. w/ ancient Roman intrigue, what power-sharing form of government means “board of three” in Latin?
#2: Airing on NPR since 1998, what quiz show bluffs its listeners w/ trumped-up news items?
“Wait Wait…Don’t Tell Me”
RLC: London & Leeds are two of the most populous cities in the U.K.- name four of the remaining cities in the top eight.
Birmingham, Liverpool, Edinburgh & Glasgow (Others: Sheffield & Leighton)($1050)


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