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“Ca$h Cab” 7/26/10

G1: Corey & Jay (Astor Wines)(BtG: 33)

#1: A classic feature of the Schwinn Stingray, what variety of elongated bicycle seat has room enough for two?
#2: Familiar to “STAR TREK” fans, what four-word catchphrase did Leonard Nimoy adapt from a Jewish blessing?
“Live long and prosper”
#3: Famously elusive, what high-altitude variety of leopard has been nicknamed “The Ghost Cat”?
#4: Nicknamed “The Scourge of God”, what 5th C. leader’s name is still popular for baby boys in Hungary?
MSO: Kate (Corey’s wife)
Ivan the Terrible (A: Attila)

#1: While one, two & three are called cardinal numbers, first, second & third are called what?
Ascending (A: Ordinal numbers)
FQ: Also known as chemical reduction, what industrial process employs high heat to extract metal from its ore?
FA: Smelting

G2: Jessica, Caitlyn & Danny (46th & 3rd)(BtG: 41)

DR: Christine, Joanne, Fred & Tom (19th & Park)(BtG: 50)

#1: Among George Custer’s forces, a horse named Comanche was one of the few survivors of what famous 1876 battle?
Little Bighorn
#2: Pleasing to feline pheromones, what’s the more common name for the flowering plant Nepeta Cataria?
#3: BOTH a blessing & a curse, what seasonal wind’s responsible for 80% of India’s yearly rainfall?
#4: In ’09 Tribune Media Services SUED Warren Beatty to recover the movie rights to what comic strip movie fighter?
Dick Tracy

#1: Now replaced by the Euro, Ireland’s £10 note featured lines from Finnegans Wake & a portrait of what author?
James Joyce
#2: Lending its name to a monster of a lizard, what Southwestern river terminates in the town of Yuma, AZ?
#3: Increasingly popular, CUVs combine features of SUVs w/ those of regular cars- what puts the C in CUV?
#4: Both vying for power, the KDP & the PUK are rival parties in what autonomous region of Iraq?
Green Zone (A: Kurdistan)

#1: Often used for building, what sedimentary rock’s formed from the skeletal remains of marine microorganisms?
#2: Launched by Abercrombie & Fitch in 2000, what surfwear retailer offers surfwear for both dudes & Bettys?
#3: Nicknamed “NOLLYWOOD”, the world’s third-largest movie industry is located in what Western African nation?
Morocco (A: Nigeria)
FQ: Causing a butterfly-shaped rash across the nose, what autoimmune disease was linked to werewolves during the Middle Ages?

VB: As observed on the walls of this mosque, these geometric patterns are intrinsic to Islamic art & architecture. Symbolizing the infinite but orderly nature of the universe, what’s the term for these mosaic designs?
FA: Byzantine (A: Arabesque)


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