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$16,086 in $ & stuff was given away on “Price” today, the 2nd-lowest this season. Again, no one broke five figures, both SC Rd. participants left w/ “nothing” & also in today’s case, everyone went home.
-For the record, the Stouffer’s French bread pizza was $2.99, the 200 Dixie mini-cups were $4.29, Jarritos Fruit Punch Soda sells for 79¢ & Land O’Lakes butter’s gone down to $4.99.
-Today’s “Deal” rerun comes from 2/22/17.
-Eight eps. of “Steve Harvey’s Funderdome” have been leaked by hackers.
-Danny Dias of “Road Rules Xtreme” & “The Challenge” fame passed away at 34.
-Marilyn Hall actually died on Mon. at the age of 90.


Comments on: "6/7/17 Quick News & Notes" (6)

  1. Ant1988 said:

    Oh dear, We got a Dreaded Double Over. Today’s TPIR was Horrible and Worst episode this week. No Car win at all. One game won, and a Dreaded Double Over. Happens every once in a while, not that often.

    My TPIR Rating: 1

    • Ismael Gomez said:

      The only thing worst that we don’t want to see is the $100K loss on Wheel. If we don’t get a car win on wheel, there will be a shutout.
      Today’s FFBC contestant: Mary
      Grade: F

      • at least car PG drought is over.

      • Ismael Gomez said:

        There may be a chance to air a rerun because tomorrow there will be a special report. Prior to Monday’s episode, the last time that the contestant won one rat and finished last place was on May 11, 2015.

  2. today brief results
    5 price tags – loss
    push over – loss
    switch? – loss
    it’s in the bag – $2K won
    most expensive – won
    card game – loss

    also, 5 price is tag not won again since 11/3/2016, today only top winning is $7,611.

    source : http://www.qwizx.com/tpirepguide/?p=9712

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