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“Ca$h Cab” 7/23/10

DR: Erica & Angela (7th & 19th)(BtG: 50)

G2: Curtis (Zabar’s)(BtG: 37)

#1: Acc. to a 2008 British study, what month’s the 12th-hardest word to pronounce in the English language?
Sept. (A: Feb.)
#2: Hinting at his history w/ Apple Computers, Inc., what Silicon Valley icon titled his autobiography I Was?
Steve Jobs
#3: Abbrev. CU, what legal relationship has bound together over 1400 couples in VT since 2000?
Civil union
#4: Adhering to its historical roots, what Vegas casino once hosted a WWE WrestleMania event billed as “The World’s Largest Toga Party”?

#1: What singer was known for “Never Gonna Give You Up”?
Rick Astley
#2: Inspiring a mascot of an NFL team, what variety of tiger’s considered the national animal of India?
OTHER S-O: Dansby
FQ: Before moving into The White House, Dolly Madison acted as the ceremonial First Lady for what widower President?
FA: Jefferson

G3: Sam, Candy, Kevin & Katie (Varick & Thomas)(BtG: 35)

#1: Nicknamed “The Hobby”, the first TV-themed lunchbox featured what famous NBC cowboy?
“Hopalong Cassidy”
#2: From the Greek for “carved”, what word describes the hooves of cows, sheep & deer?
RLC: Acc. to a 2008 article in Popular Science, dengue fever is one of five diseases that could cause a future pandemic- name the other four.
Smallpox, malariaX (Didn’t say: West Nile Virus & Ebola)
FQ: What heating device was designed to produce high heat & low luminosity?
Bunsen burner

VB: Named for its distinctive body work, what retro variety of station wagon has been a suitable car for the CA climate?
FA: Woody ($1K)


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