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“Ca$h Cab” 7/22/10

G1: Seth, Joanna, Tony & Therese (44th & 9th)(BtG: 37)

#1: Acc. to a Freudian reading from 1982, what sibling sleuths represent interaction between the id & the superego?
The Hardy Boys
#2: From the Latin for “bring together”, what standard photocopying option automatically sorts your copies for you?
#3: Causing a flap in 2008, a University of Tokyo study concluded that what Jurassic period reptiles were too heavy to fly?
#4: Among Russian men, the 20 most common last names all end w/ what letter of the alphabet?
Y (A: V)

#1: Usually arranged in a crisscross pattern, what’s the industry term for the thin steel rods that reinforce concrete?
#2: An active ingredient in Clearasil & Stridex, what chemical compound’s often represented by the compound BZ²O²?
Benzoyl peroxide
#3: Requiring President Washington to lay down the law, a 1794 rebellion was sparked by attacks on what liquor?
#4: What comedienne had a 2008 campaign called “The Great Schlep”?
Sarah Silverman

#1: Able to detect BOTH rotation & vibration, what’s the term for the motion sensors employed by the Apple iPhone & Nintendo Wii?
MSO: Ross
#2: Putting a new spin on bowling, what co. produces a symmetrical ball called “Twisted Fury”?
FQ: Named for an era of English history, what cone-shaped collars are often worn by cats & dogs?
FA: Elizabethan ($1150)

G2: Alec, Dee Dee & Erma (52nd & 2nd)(BtG: 40)

G3: Doug & Scott (Chelsea Hotel)(BtG: 47)

#1: What form of alternative medicine treats the whole body through the manipulation of the feet & the hands?
#2: The transitional fossil is more commonly known by what name?
Missing link
RLC: In 2008 JD Power & Associates surveyed seven leading independent travel websites- name six of ’em.
Travelocity, Orbitz, PricelineX (Others: Hotwire, Hotels.com, Expedia & CheapTickets.com)
#3: Briefly BANNED by the FCC in 2008, what trading practice’s summarized as “Sell high, buy back low”?
#4: What storied catalog won a National Book Award in 1972?
Whole Earth

#1: Known by the acronym CREEP, what pro-Nixon organization funded the Watergate break-in?
Committee to Reelect the President
FQ: Used to determine height, what’s the term for the highest point on the back of a horse?
MSO: Deirdre (Doug’s ex)
FA: High hand (A: Withers)($800)


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