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“Ca$h Cab” 7/21/10

DR: Eric & Joel (Sushi of Gari)(BtG: 30)

#1: Acc. to physicist Robert Wood, what famed 1871 DISASTER was sparked by meteor showers & NOT Mrs. O’Leary’s cow?
Great Chicago Fire
#2: As suggested by its name, what small variety of pocket blade was initially used to sharpen writing quills?
Pen knife
#3: A common disinfectant for H²O, what chemical element was added to London’s water supply in 1905 to combat typhoid?
#4: Invented by a designer of oil drills, what name-brand corkscrew’s said to be faster than a speeding bunny?

#1: The subject of a study in The Economist, what measure of a person’s general well-being is abbrev. QoL?
Quality of Life
#2: In 2009 what longtime Republican Senator from PA announced he was crossing party lines?
Arlen Specter
#3: Despite its puzzling name, what German encryption machine did the Allies famously crack during WWII?
#4: Acc. to a 2008 study, what annual sports tournament costs employers $1.7B in LOST office productivity?
“March Madness”

#1: Now owned by AOL, what tech co. was the leading provider of Internet service in the ’80s?
FQ: Often assoc. w/ the Greek god Pan, what mythological creatures are known for their irrepressible sex drive?
FA: Satyr ($1K A HEAD)

G2: Len, Philip & Dwayne (Cafe Luxembourg on 70th & West Amsterdam)(BtG: 32)

G3: Dave, Elizabeth, Lauren & Kevin (The Met)(BtG: 39)

#1: W/ a Cosmopolitan mix of Afrikaans, Tsonga & English speakers, what South African city’s affectionately known as Jozi or Jo’burg?
#2: Lending its name to a MLB team, what sharp-snounted ocean dweller is also known as a spearfish?
#3: Acc. to its website, what iconic Irish stout’s ideally served w/ a two-part pour that lasts 119.5 seconds?
#4: Dubbed “The Magazine of the Middlebrow”, what compact publication once billed itself as “America in Your Pocket”?
TV Guide (A: Reader’s Digest)

#1: In ’08 over 50K facebook members united to try to save what online knockoff of SCRABBLE?
#2: In ’08 Jon Stewart joked that the long Democratic primary was like the Bataan Death March of what Asian country?
MSO: Courtney
North Korea (A: The Philippines)
#3: Evoking images of the undead, what’s the common term for an INSOLVENT bank kept alive by government aid?
Zombie bank
#4: The leader of the Tour de France wears a jersey of what color?
RLC: Name five of the six nations/governments represented by flags on the TX state seal.
Mexico, Spain, U.S., FranceX (Could’ve said: Confederate States of America & Republic of TX)

VB: If he makes it safely to sea, this reptile will grow up to 2Klbs & roam the Earth from the Arctic Circle to the South Pacific. Named for the supple texture of its flexible shell, what’s this ENDANGERED species of sea turtle?
FA: “The Galapagos sea turtle” (A: Leatherback)


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