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“Ca$h Cab” 7/19/10

G1: Lee, Denise, Doug & Caitlyn (Lincoln Center)(BtG: 38)

#1: What capital of India LOST its Deputy Mayor in 2007 due to a monkey attack?
Mumbai (A: New Delhi)
#2: What DISGRACED ice queen made the cover of TIME & Newsweek in Jan. 1994?
Tonya Harding
#3: What TN nickname was inspired by the state’s offer to send 1.5K soldiers to the War of 1812?
Volunteer State
#4: What financial TV channel was dubbed “The Recession Network” in early ’09?

#1: What shade of blue’s used for ribbons that raise awareness of acid reflux?
MSO: Zoe
#2: Linking Norfolk, VA to Cape Charles, a 23-mile-long combo of bridges & tunnels crosses what body of water?
Chesapeake Bay
#3: Inspiring a Ben & Jerry’s flavor, what band received a lifetime achievement Jammy for improvisational music?
#4: What synonym for “cloudy” & “confusing” is also used to describe a misty mass of interstellar dust?

#1: In the ling of TX Hold ‘Em, what two cards do you have in the hole if you’ve been dealt a “Big Slick”?
Ace & King
#2: Clad in white suits since 1962, what author was credited w/ coining the terms “Radical Chic”, “Good Ol’ Boys” & “The Right Stuff”?
Tom Wolfe
FQ: Meaning “turtle” in Spanish, what Haitian island once provided safe harbor for “Pirates of the Caribbean”?
FA: Tortuga ($1150)

G2: Felicia & Michael (married)(26th & 6th)(BtG: 34)

DR: Amanda, Diana, Jessica & Mike (9th & 16th)(BtG: 30)

#1: The acronym NIMBY is an abbrev. for what common objection?
Not in my backyard
#2: Dubbed “The Eye of the Day” by Geoffrey Chaucer, what common flower opens up its petals at sunrise?
#3: Meaning “This is my body”, the Latin phrase “Hoc est corpus” is the alleged origin of what magical incantation?
Hocus pocus
#4: Called “Firenze” by the locals, what European city was founded by Julius Caesar as a haven for his soldiers?

#1: Named for a rust-resistant metal, what web browser was released by Google in ’08?
#2: Used to measure time & geographic coordinates, a sexagesimal number system uses what number as its base?
Six (A: 60)
RLC: Name five of eight AKC groups.
Toy, working, terrier, sporting & herding (Others: Hound, non-sporting & miscellaneous)
FQ: In ’03 GSN unveiled an 11ft bobblehead named Chucklehead in honor of what iconic host?
MSO: Mark
Johnny Carson

VB: Sandwiched between India & Tibet, this isolated Himalayan country lived w/o TV & the Internet until 1999. Dotted w/ hillside fortresses, prayer flags & nomadic hill tribes, what’s the name of this Buddhist kingdom?
FA: Nepal (A: Bhutan)

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