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M-U: Saulniers v. Fennells

R1: A man goes on his honeymoon after his wedding- where does he go after his divorce?:

#1: Bar/club (44)(Tim)

Fennells: Strip joint (#3- 12), parents’ home, Vegas/vacation (#2- 18), gym, ice cream shop
Marc Steal: To another woman- #4 (9)(BA: Court- 6)

R2: Name something that might be a foot long:

#1: Hot dog/sandwich (60)(Liz)

Fennells: Ruler/tape measure (#2- 18), (dog’s) leash, foot/shoe (#3- 12), dog
Marc Steal #2: Football (BA: Rope- 2)

Double: Name a place you WOULDN’T want to wake up after a wild night of partying:

#1: Outside/street (29)(Caroline)
X- Ex’s house (Greg)

Fennells: Bathroom floor (#4- 7), hospital, car (BA- 5), jail (#3- 20), parents’ house & couch
Marc Steal #3: Bar (Unsaid: Stranger’s bed- 27)

TRIPLE: Name something that should NEVER be left alone:

#1: Baby/child (83)(Michele)

Saulniers: Spouse/mate, car, pet (BA- 2), (camp)fire (T2- 3) & valuables
Tim Steal to W or L Game: Boiling pot/stove

#1: Acc. to women on the scale, how sexy are men w/ hairy chests?
#2: A veggie kids actually like.
#3: A wild animal that can be found roaming the suburbs.
#4: A state that gets a lot of tourists.
#5: Something your body has that starts w/ L.

Caroline: 8 (10), green beans (3), lion (3), NY (16) & lice
Liz: 5 (9), broccoli (16), raccoon (17), FL (33) & lips (18)
Unsaid #1s: 1, corn on the cob, deer & legs


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