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M-U: Jordans v. Fennells

R1: Name something you might see when you die:

#2: Heaven (17)(Tim)
#3: God/Jesus (12)(Chris)

Fennells: White light (TA- 38), flashbacks, NOTHING/darkness (#5- 7), angels (#4- 9), Satan & loved ones who’ve passed on
Chris Steal: Pearly gates (BA: Clouds- 5)

R2: Name someone you hope NOT to run into at a NUDIST colony:

#2: Boss/coworker (8)(Marisa)
X- Spouse/mate (Liz)

Jordans: Parents (TA- 49), pastor/clergy, child, sibling
Tim Steal: Grandparents (#3: In-laws- 6/BA: Fatties- 5)

Double: Name a reason people get FIRED from their jobs:

#2: Lateness (23)(Caroline)
#3: Stealing (13)(Chrystal)

Fennells: NO-SHOW (#5- 8), sick/ill, TERRIBLE performance (TA- 40), drunk, inappropriate attire
Chris Steal #2: Being arrested (#4: Bad attitude- 9/BA: Sleeping on job- 5)

TRIPLE: Name a famous person w/ the initials M.J.:

#1: Michael Jackson (54)(Jessica)

Fennells: Michael Jordan (#2- 37), Michael Jones, Mick Jagger (BA- 3), Marty Jackson & Michael J. Fox
Chris Steal to W or L: Magic Johnson (6)

#1: Acc. to the women, name a part of your body that you think’s ugly.
#2: Tell me a word that rhymes w/ “jump”.
#3: How many hrs. a day does a newborn sleep?
#4: Someone you tell a secret to that ends up blabbing it.
#5: Tell me something you might bring to someone in prison.

Marisa: Nose (10), hump (23), 12 (15), friend (30) & magazines (12)
Chrystal: Stomach (16), lump (12), six (2), sister (14) & cigar(ette)s (15)
Unsaid #1s: Feet, bump, 18 & food


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