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“Ca$h Cab” 7/14/10

G1: Aaron & Allison (Tribeca on West Broadway & White)(BtG: 31)

#1: Named for an Italian swindler, what type of scheme turned Bernie Madoff into Public Enemy No. 1 in 2009?
#2: Used to open car or cab doors, what type of lock-picking device shares its name w/ a cylindrical jerky treat?
Slim Jim
#3: On the banks of Lake Ontario, what Canadian event’s said to be second only to Cannes in terms of influence?
Ontario Film Festival (A: Toronto Film Festival)
#4: Now linked to tight budgets & high gas prices, what hybrid term refers to a trip that takes place at home?

#1: Prized for its dark fur, what relative of the mink is commonly found in the mountains of Siberia?
#2: Produced by matting & condensing wool fibers, what material’s one of the oldest fabrics known to mankind?
#3: In Mar. ’09 what email service introduced a five-second window allowing you to unsend an imprudent email?
FQ: Often linked to the extinction of the dinosaurs, the Chicxulub Crater lies buried beneath what Mexican peninsula?
FA: Yucatan

G2: Dan, Laura & Michael (Hunter College)(BtG: 32)

#1: Extending the patient’s life by 18 days, what procedure was first performed in 1967 by South African doctor Christiaan Barnard?
Heart transplant
RLC: Name the six Cabinet-level departments formed since the 1960s.
Education, Homeland SecurityX (Unsaid: Energy, HUD, Transportation & Veterans’ Affairs)
#2: In the 1700s, what old-fashioned fireplace tool was commonly used to help resuscitate drowning victims?
#3: Acc. to esteemed academic Bruno Bettelheim, what Grimm’s fairy tale was about the oral greed of children?
Hansel and Gretel
#4: One step behind Neil Armstrong, what Apollo 11 astronaut & devout Christian took communion on his ’69 moonwalk?

#1: Abbrev. UGC, what term refers to the homegrown material found on websites like YouTube & Wikipedia?
User-generated content
FQ: During WWII the British Royal Air Force commonly blamed mechanical mishaps on what mischievous mythological creatures?

VB: This distinctive-looking fungi’s coveted for its subtle, smoky taste. Called a Molly Moocher in WV & Dry Land Fish in KY, what’s the name of this mystery mushroom?
FA: Morel ($2K)

G3: Amy, Jim, Barbara Riddle-Dvorak & Joe Testone (St. Mark’s Bookstore)(BtG: 50)


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