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FF: Rosalynne Korman, Eddie Batten, Tina Wofford & Chandra Borcik
IUFB #1: Polaroid pkg. (J)


Chandra…overbid by $45, so Tina plays FF for a trip to the Palermo Tower (#4).
PP: 1250, 3166, 4593, 5038, 6645, 7431 & 9312
F: 6645

5. Paul Espinoza
IUFB #2: U Scooter + helmet (J)

Rosalynne: 250/Eddie: 380/PAUL: 350/Chandra: 400

It’s $1,054, so Chandra by default will do at least one Switcheroo & hopefully drive away the ’17 Nissan Sentra (Std., Guards, CVT).
SPs: klean kanteen, WUSTHOF handheld sharpener, ZOKU I.C. maker & andis ionic hairdryer

$19,045: SENTRA
$21: Bottle
$50: Knife sharpener
$36: I.C. maker
$14: Hairdryer

$19,035: SENTRA
$11: Bottle
$20: Knife sharpener
$46: I.C. maker
$54: Hairdryer

6. Daniela Iezza
IUFB #3: BLACK + DECKER appliances (R in Clam)

Rosalynne: 500/Eddie: 550/Paul: 375/DANIELA: 475

All Eddie has to do is price-nap the OWP.
M.K. acc. (R)- L
MD Sports air hockey (both): $1894
Apple MacBook Pro & Air: $3398

SCSD #1:
Tina: 35 + 60 = .95
Daniela: 45 + 60
Chandra ($1,108): 40 + 55 = .95

T: .55
C: .85

7. Timothy Savolt
IUFB #4: LG 55″ 4K HDTV + Microsoft XBOX ONE pkg. (R at SS)

Rosalynne: 1300/TIMOTHY: 1100/Paul: 1225/Daniela: 1630

ARP overall: $1,…589- Rosalynne takes her turn at the Grand Game ($5.5).
I: Glade candle, Spectrum Canola Oil spray, Sparkling Ice, Hillshire Firm Kielbasa, four Dove Sensitive Skin beauty bars & Idaho Spuds
WIPEOUT W/ CANOLA OIL SPRAY (Beauty bars: $5.99)

8. Deneen Butler
IUFB #5: Dean Guitar (J at RS)

DENEEN: 700/Timothy: 1150/Paul: 800/Daniela: 1100

It’s only $973, so Paul will try to end many streaks at P¢ for a Toyota Tacoma (Std., Utility, Mats/Sills, AA).
RN: 1, 3, 4, 5 & 6

2nd: M-O (#12)
3rd: 6, 3, 1 (#8)
4th: 6, 3 (#19)
5th: 5 (#5)


FINAL PLAYER: Katie Peterson
FINAL IUFB: 5pc Three Sisters jewelry (J in CR)

Deneen: 1K/Timothy: 1201/KATIE: 1200/Daniela: 750

Timothy’s $34 under & has a 50/50 chance at winning Double Prices for the BULL island + 5pc patio set.
DP: $5135 & $9231
G: $9231- PGs OVER

SCSD #2:
Paul: .85
Timothy: 20 + 90
Rosalynne ($1,590): BOTH GREEN SECTIONS

Podiums- SAMSUNG smartphone (R)
#4- Trip to Breezes (J in front of CR)
#3- Chevrolet Spark


L- 4prs GUCCI shoes (R)
R- 5n Churchill Manor stay in Napa
I- Mirage HB

BID ON TRIP/MITSUBISHI SHOWCASE: $20K (ARP: $21,490- I wished Drew had repeatedly shouted “WE HAVE A WINNER!!!!!” after revealing she had won)


Comments on: "“The Price is Right” 6/2/17" (5)

  1. Ant1988 said:

    Horrible Show today. Worst Week overall. 0 Games won, Car won in Showcase resulting in Chandra being the lowest champion this week and season.

    My rating: 1
    Weekly rating: 1

    • Ismael Gomez said:

      And now the car game losing streak is now at 22 in which we matched the same number as season 40. In fact, the car game misery continues. I hope next week would be better before we say Rat Race.
      Grade: F-
      Weekly Grade: Z-

    • Actually, Chandra ISN’T the lowest-winning SC Rd. winner this season- Allen from 1/3 is.

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