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1st C: Fly to “The Windy City” of CHI & get to the Chicagoland Speedway.

2nd C: W/ one teammate inside a stock car, the other had to change a tire in the pit within :40. Then, they had to finish one lap around the track in :48 or less.

3rd C: The next place to visit was the Monroe Street Station.

C #4: Before they could continue on, they needed to solve three riddles identifying landmarks & collecting postcards. They next had to unscramble the letters on those postcards & figure out that their next destination would be the CITY HALL ROOFTOP (a city beekeeper in the garden there would hand over their next clue).

C #5: They had to go all the way back down & head to Wrigleyville Dogs.

C #6: 10 Vienna Beef hot dogs (these days, I eat Hebrew National hot dogs like my late dad) had to be made & given to people at a rooftop overlooking Wrigley Field. Former “Race” champs Ernie & Cindy (who reside in CHI) would swap those franks for Wrigley Field tickets.

FINAL CHALLENGE: Using the hand-operated scoreboard & a one-way radio, they had to insert their correct Pit Stop destination placements. If & when they cleared the board, they would have to solve an equation to get a three-digit number corresponding to a seat number that had the name of their Finish Mat stop.
MILLION-DOLLAR STOP: Milton Lee Olive Park

THE NEW CHAMPS ARE- Brooke & Scott (R-U: Tara & Joey)


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