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Couple: Ashley & David
Rejected 1st: $10 PER PIECE OF POPCORN = $1720
Rejected 2nd: BB- Kitchen
Rejected Last: SB- Trip to Tamarijn
#1- Elec. suite (Tiffany read the copy while Jonathan modeled it)

Geraldine: B- $100
Eric: G- W
Veronica: R- $250

C (#2): Ford Fiesta
P: #4, #7 & #8
ST (#3): Workout pkg.

#7: TIFFANY (P.B.)
#8: CAR
#4- WAYNE ($3K)(OTHER CAR: #1)

JBH: Shamell

#1: Do I need a license for it?
#2: Is it more than one item?
#3: Can I use it yr.-round?
#4: Does it require travel?
#5: Can my friends use it?

#1: N
#4: N
#3: Y
FD: SE (NO CLUES)- ZONKEY photo (#1: Home theater)

Real/Fake Jewelry Deal:
Michelle: RING #1- $2,350 (CURTAIN #2: Trip to The Meadowmere Resort)
Jacqueline: SB- CARIOBARRE + $1K Lululemon Athletica GC (NECKLACE #2: $353/EARRINGS #3: $102)

MoU: Sergio
C (#1): Mitsubishi Lancer
WIPEOUT (#2: $200)

Final Regular D:
Naimah: $800 (#2)- Giant crib
John: BB- PD (Benelli motorcycle)

BD (Jacqueline- that’s the first time somebody decided to keep anything just after they were told to stay on the main hub after taking over first place for the BD of the Day following the final normal deal):
SD (#3): 4n at Plaza Hotel & Casino in Vegas ($2,360)- TM
MD (#2): Strong Spa pkg.
BD (#1): FIAT 500X Trekking

$500 QD (Cheyenne): Clothespin- $


Comments on: "“Let’s Make a Deal” 6/2/17" (2)

  1. Ant1988 said:

    A Very disappointing show to very the Awful Week. No car win, and a Small deal win damaged my weekly rating.

    My rating: 3
    Weekly rating: 3 (No Car win)

    • Ismael Gomez said:

      Yikes, three wipeouts today on Deal and Price. The car games for Deal have done the same thing as what Price did earlier. Which means, it’s a double car game shutout this week. If we don’t get a car win on wheel tonight, there will be a car shutout. Also, the small deal win resulted a screwed up week for the sixth and final week in a row. Again, I hope next week would be better we say Rat Race.
      Grade: D-
      Weekly Grade: D+

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