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G1: Owenses (Tosha, Torey, Liddie, Tenisha & Todd) v. Rusts

R1: Name something new that a wife might fantasize about trading in her old husband for:

#4: Diamonds/bling (3)(Tosha)
#6: $/gold (3)(Monique)

Owenses: Clothes/shoes (ALL BAs GONE THIS RD.), stud/Bradley Cooper (TA- 45), dream home (#3- 5), sex toy, new job & car/Lexus (31)- SWEEP

R2: Name an occupation a woman might have where she’d write off a boob job as a business expense:

#1: Stripper/dancer (55)(Torey)

Owenses: Model (#2- 19), waitress/HOOTERS (ONE OF THE BAs- 7), actress/XXX star (OTHER ONE), flight attendant, nurse & trainer
Monique Steal: Ho- Y (8)

Double: Name something some people DON’T seem to know how to close:

#1: Mouths (30)(Audrey)

Rusts: (Bathroom) door (OTHER TA OF BOARD), legs, pocketbook, deal/sale (BA- 5), closet
Tosha Steal: Fridge (#3: Cabinets- 8/#4: Toilet seat lid- 7)

TRIPLE: Name something housewives push:

#3: Shopping cart (22)(Joy)
X- Stroller (Tenisha)

Rusts: Broom/mop (#2- 28), credit cards, children, the envelope
Tosha Steal for Sudden Death: Vacuum- AT TOP (34)(BA: Husbands/”Buttons”- 7)

SD: Something people squeeze into.
Todd: Clothes (87)

#1: Something that happens the night before Christmas.
#2: Something that French people are known for.
#3: A sport you need balls to play.
#4: W/ whom do you have most of your arguments?
#5: Tell me how long the avg. honeymoon lasts.

Todd: Santa comes (27), food (29), basketball (10), mate/spouse (37) & wk. (42)
Torey: Packing presents (19), Paris, baseball (29), siblings (10) & two wks.


Comments on: "“Family Feud” 11/26/13" (1)

  1. jpgenius said:

    WHO would trade their husband for THAT (Todd’s answer)?! 😳

    And Christian’s answer for things people can’t seem to close… 😬

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