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“Ca$h Cab” 7/12/10

G1: Laura & Michael (Franklin St.)(BtG: 42)

G2: John & Todd (92nd St. YMCA on 92nd & Lex)(BtG: 45)

#1: The mother of Track & Trig, Sarah Palin welcomed a grandson named what in ’08?
Prescott (A: Tripp)
#2: Pardon my French, but what flaky breakfast sandwich did Burger King officially unveil back in ’84?
RLC: In 2008 the U.S. issued a list of the 20 major ILLICIT drug-producing nations- name the seven South American nations on that list.
Colombia, Venezuela, Paraguay, Ecuador, Peru, Brazil & Bolivia
#3: Acc. to its late founder Harold Ross, what urban magazine ISN’T for the old lady in Dubuque?
The New Yorker
#4: More muscular than a comma, what punctuation mark has been described as a blinking yellow light between two sentences?

Sole $200 Q: Once listed as public enemy no. 1, what INFAMOUS 1930s bank robber was nicknamed “The Jackrabbit”?
OTHER S-O: Dan Faye
FA: John Dillinger ($950)

G3: Sue, Genevieve, Elizabeth & Jocelyn (Bloomingdale’s)(BtG: 35)

#1: In a high-profile 2007 accident, a French long jumper was impaled by what track & field projectile?
#2: What nickname for passenger seat came from the stagecoach era when drivers were flanked by armed guards?
#3: Also a chilling children’s book series, what skin reaction’s caused by a reflex called Piloerection?
#4: Sometimes abbrev. OoJ, what criminal charge sent Martha Stewart to the big house in ’04?
MSO: Carolyn
Insider trading

#1: When NOT used to perform pedicures, what porous volcanic rock’s used to stone-wash jeans?
#2: Helping terminally-ill kids since 1980, what foundation NO LONGER grants hunting trips due to child-safety concerns?
Make a Wish
FQ: Owned by AOL, what video search engine takes its name from a French word meaning “to find”?
Trouver (A: Truveo)

VB: Designed by IM Pei, this 60-story tower’s the tallest building in New England. Putting its signature on the Boston skyline, this skyscraper shares its name w/ what prominent patriot?
FA: John Adams


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