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FF: Arthur Solomon, Erica Dubois, Jaice Cousins & Kenneth Juber
IUFB #1: SAMSUNG 55″ HDTV + soundbar (A in Clam)

ARTHUR: 1750/ERICA: 1250/JAICE: 1600/KENNETH: 1K

Arthur plays the MG for the ’17 Chevrolet Cruze (Std., Mats, Net, AA).


MN: 3
$213 (P: 19, 20, 21, 78 & 96)

5. Nikole White
IUFB #2: 7pc WUSTHOF cutlery & butcher block top + three kitchen utensils (A)

NIKOLE: 650/Erica: 1100/Jaice: 675/Kenneth: 676

Total: $1,…544- Erica plays SC (after getting a hug from George) for the FRIGIDAIRE kitchen & the Breville espresso machine + cups/saucers/canisters totaling $7,776.
CG: 680- O (Drew broke a light bulb just as Erica was trying to open the safe)

6. Dustin Finklestein
IUFB #3: Lenovo tablets (ceiling)

Nikole: 1201/DUSTIN: 798/Jaice: 1K/Kenneth: 1200

Jaice instantly wins $500 & plays 1/2 Off for up to $11K extra.

Elec. slicer: $75
Holmes air purifier
P: Air purifier

Hair straightener: $30
Hamilton Beach can opener
P: Hair straightener
E: #1, #5, #9, #10, #12, #14, #15 & #16

White noise sound machine
Salt/pepper mill set: $47
P: White noise sound machine

FP: #2#13 GOT HER

SCSD #1:
Jaice ($1,598): .9
Arthur ($2,013): 60 X2
Erica ($9,320): 85 + 90

7. Patricia Johnson
IUFB #4: DAHON bike (R at RS)

Nikole: 750/Dustin: 1/PATRICIA: 765/Kenneth: 890

Kenneth might take that to the Pachtun Palace (#3) if he can win a hopefully-easy SP.
B: 140753

8. Alexander Santiago
IUFB #5: About Vintage watches (A in CR)

Nikole: 1200/Dustin: 1K/Patricia: 1001/ALEXANDER: 965

Nikole will be forced to TT ($4325) to claim an AFG elliptical, designer acc., the hp laptop + printer & QFX home audio system.
T1: Elliptical ($2600) + QFX audio system = 3900
FT: Elliptical + hp laptop pkg. = WIPEOUT (3390)

FINAL PLAYER: Kelcie Surgeon
FINAL IUFB: Shuffleboard (both at SS)

KELCIE: 1400/Dustin: 1250/Patricia: 1401/Alexander: 1

Please, Alexander, let the aired car game curse end w/ you on OA for the ’17 Ford Focus SE (Std., Paint, Sealer)(A)…
BB: 28657

NO. (G: $19,746 & $19,766)

SCSD #2:
Alexander: $1K (BS: NICKEL = $10K)
Nikole: 65 + 45
Kenneth ($11,652): $1K (BS: T.Q.)

L- PRADA sunglasses (R)
R- Trip to Ka’anapali Beach Hotel
I- Montgomery sailboat


#4- Trip to Hacienda Puerta del Cielo (A in front of CR)
#3- Hyundai Accent HB (Std., Guards, Prot, Mats, Kit)



Comments on: "“The Price is Right” 6/1/17" (5)

  1. Ismael Gomez said:

    Okay episode but we’re in danger to match the losing streak for car games from Season 40 and a contestant who lost on 1/2 off redeemed at a showcase. What do you say, Ant0824?
    Grade: C

    • Ant1988 said:

      Disappointing show. 2 games won, no car winner at all. But $10K + 2K won on the wheel save me from the worst rating.

      My rating: 6

      • Ismael Gomez said:

        You forgot to mention a pricing game loser won her showcase. If we don’t get a car game win tomorrow, there will be a shutout again.

  2. excluded DSW and $10K won SCSD, this week is nothing too special. next day, bad history from Car PG or not.

    • Ismael Gomez said:

      I’m sure that Don Francisco puts a curse on car games. Again, if we don’t get a car game win, there will be a shutout again.

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